Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting My Cuddles On At Cat Cafe Madison

I've always loved and wanted to own a cat (or cats) as far back as I can remember but sadly due to my mom being highly allergic and being allergic myself, that particular life goal has not yet happened. I still keep hope alive though!

That means when I happen to come across any sort of cat they automatically get all my brimming-over unused kitty-cat loves and affection. Let's be honest, even if I did achieve my dream of owning cats, I'd still fangirl at any sort of four legged furry creature that crosses my path.

But in the great words of Sophia Petrillo, I digress. When a friend and I headed up to Madison for the Spring Polish Festival earlier in April and decided to make a day of exploring the area, what immediately came to my mind but Cat Cafe Madison!

Took a trip to #Madison and discovered Cat Cafe Madison, a cafe where cuddling with the over 20 cats is encouraged! #travel #Wisconsin

I'm not sure how I came across Cat Cafe Mad initially but I do remember several months back finding it and becoming smitten like a kitten with the whole idea of it.

I don't make it to Madison that often (the last time was back in 2011 when I was still seeing a homeopathic doctor in the area) so the knowledge of this furry paradise just sat on the back burner of my brain until this particular trip. It also helped that my friend Alisa of is a huge cat lover, too!


A little about Cat Cafe Madison:

The purpose of Cat Café Mad is to provide the public with a chance to experience the love, fun, and happiness that comes from owning a cat in a relaxing atmosphere.  We have adopted cats from four different shelters and also have some foster cats from two local shelters, and we provide customers with information about the shelters. Our goal is to bring the worldwide model of cat cafés to the US and help the “cat craze” by bringing awareness to adopting and fostering cats.  Our fosters are available for adoption and we usually have around 10 up for adoption.  We have partnered with many of the shelters and find our partnerships rewarding for both sides.

To spend some time with one or more of their 20 resident and adoptable cats the fee to get in is a mere $10 cover charge which is inclusive of a drink and unlimited access and play time with the numerous feline friends. Students, seniors (60+), veterans, and children get a discounted rate of $7.00 plus an optional drink for an extra $1.00.

If you're located in the area they also offer loyalty rewards, gift cards, and memberships!

Of course we can't forget the special events the cafe puts on each month like kitten day, yoga with cats, and even movies with cats. One of these days I will be up there for a yoga with cats class...

Meet Garfield

The Cafe 

I was very surprised when you initially walked into Cat Cafe Madison; from the outside you'd think it was a quaint small little store front but you walk in and this space is deceptively large! 

The cafe itself had a very relaxing environment. I noticed quite a few people come and go in the time span I was there and most of them were just content with working on their laptops, chatting among each other, or just sitting on the floor and playing with the cats.

You can also find a nook full of fun board games to play while your there and even several cat-related books that are provided so you can read if board games aren't really your thing. It seems like they've got everything covered for an enjoyable and relaxing time!

While this place is called Cat Cafe Madison, the sectioned off cafe area isn't exactly what you think when you think normal cafe. I had assumed it had a set up similar to any other cafe such as Starbucks with a little furry twist but it was definitely a smaller scale due to being in the same vicinity as the cats which is completely understandable.

The Cats 

Just like people, each cat housed in the cafe, whether resident or adoptable, had its own unique personality and it was hilarious and fascinating to watch each personality unfold in real time.

Granted when you initially walk in you just see adorable little balls of fur all over the place but once you've stayed there for awhile and actually had the chance to see each ball of fur in action, you definitely start to differentiate each cat and their individual personality traits.

You'd think all those different personalities in one space would clash more often than not but I was very surprised to only see one little spat the 4 to 5 hours Alisa and I were there.

Adopt Don't Shop

Aside from getting to spend time with cats and enjoying your choice of beverage, Cat Cafe Madison is raising awareness for the adopt not shop movement. They have a handful of adopted resident cats that call the cafe their home but the rest of the cats are fosters from local shelters and are up for adoption which makes my heart so happy.

I'm a firm believer in adopting and fostering if at all possible which is what draws me to these types of cafes; anything that helps promote finding animals their furever homes gets my support!

Just take a look at the Adopted board on the cafe's wall and tell me this cafe isn't making a big difference in the lives of cats and humans alike.

How would you like to help make a difference for the many different current and future kitty cats and the owners and employees of Cat Cafe Madison?

Their dream is to expand the cafe and open a whole new section that offers more; more specialized beverages, more baked goods, and even a few entrees! Of course this cafe has to be separated from the cats for sanitary purposes so they're trying to raise enough money to be able to make this dream a reality.

As of today their Kickstarter Campaign has raised their goal of $9,500 and more but why stop there? More money equals more opportunities to make the cafe better for the customers, for the employees, and for all the cats, past, present, and future.

#CatCafeMad is looking to expand and they need YOUR help! In order to achieve a cafe with more beverage and food options they need to raise money. Help this #catcafe achieve their goals!

If you happen to be in the Madison area and love cuddling cats, I highly recommend a stop at Cat Cafe Madison! Who knows, maybe by the time you're able to go the new cafe section will be open so you can enjoy cats AND delicious beverages and food.

In the meantime the cats of Cat Cafe Mad(ison) are waiting for you to come in, give them a little love, and possibly even take one (or two) home with you!

Connect with Cat Cafe Mad:

Have you ever been to a cat cafe before?


Jennifer S. said...

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! How flipping cool. I am super allergic to cats, but I could suck it up for a few hours!

Unknown said...

I also believe in the "adopt don't shop" idea and this is a wonderful way to introduce cats to their (hopefully) potential owners! Not to mention that for people who love cats, it can help reduce stress levels by being surrounded in the cafe! I'd love to see the expansion of Cat Cafe Madison!

Maryann D. said...

This is wonderful! I would love to go there too and see the cats. I wish we had a place like this where I live. Such a terrific idea.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Unknown said...

Loved your article! Thanks for writing about us :) I was the yoga instructor there!

Terra Heck said...

This makes my heart melt! I have two cats at home and don't need more but would absolutely visit a cafe like this. I love the whole idea behind it.

Unknown said...

Such a great post! I've always wanted to go to a cat cafe. I'm glad you had a great experience!