Friday, February 3, 2017

My Depression Struggles & Finding Joy: The Happiness Perspective Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Happiness Perspective by Diane Wing to facilitate this review on Kay's Adaptable Adventures. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Please do your own research on a product or service as your results may vary.

How do people find #happiness and, more importantly, keep happiness? My review of Diane Wing's The Happiness Perspective touches on my personal struggles with #depression and how happiness IS attainable!

Author: Diane Wing
ISBNN-13: 9781615993208
Page Count: 132 pages
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Release Date: November 2016


Happiness is not just another emotion and state of being that most individuals find unachievable in this day and age of violence, illness, constant go-go-go and stressors, but a conscious and subconscious choice people can and do achieve as hard as that is to believe. Throughout The Happiness Perspective, Diane Wing (author of Thorne Manor & Other Bizarre Tales, Trips to the Edge: Tales of the Unexpected, and The True Nature of Energy) beautifully outlines just how people can realistically achieve this tranquil state of being by compiling different ways to help you transform your daily thought processes, patterns, habits, and behaviors so you can experience greater happiness and peace of mind in this crazy world.

How do people find #happiness and, more importantly, keep happiness? My review of Diane Wing's The Happiness Perspective touches on my personal struggles with #depression and how happiness IS attainable!

My Thoughts:

Not many people know this about me since it was well before my days of blogging and social media but when I was 17 years old, just 3 years after I fell chronically ill, I became so increasingly depressed that I had to be institutionalized for several weeks because I had become suicidal. Ever since then it has been an ongoing battle with sadness, depression, and 'suicidal ideations' as the therapists liked to put it.

Since then I have at least 1 to 2 major depressive bouts per year which doesn't include the occasional normal sad few days here and there or the food-induced depression I get when I eat or take something I'm sensitive to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm normally a very positive, peaceful, and happy person but I've come to realize that with chronic illness some sort of depression or sadness is realistically normal, especially after years of going through the ups and downs of being sick and dealing with the system.

But how do some chronic or terminally ill people remain depressed and sometimes take their own lives where as others, in the same set of circumstances, thrive despite all the things that are happening around them? Throughout the years I've had many people, chronically ill and non-chronically ill alike, ask me how I do it; how do I stay so positive when it seems like things are constantly going wrong left and right. I've tried to convey my thoughts and feelings into words on numerous occasions but I could never adequately describe how I do it. I

That is, until I read this book. Actually, not even that. Until I read the first chapter of this book, which pretty much sums up everything I couldn't put into words whenever anybody asked me how I remain so positive through adversity. Reading line after line I found myself shaking my head in agreement with Diane and feeling a sense of joy at my thoughts finally being put into words!

Not only that but the book goes quite further in depth throughout the chapters and helps work on finding joy and happiness through looking at numerous internal factors (I.E. desire, anxiety, self-trust), external factors (I.E. detachment, forgiveness, drama), and eternal factors (on relaxation, on power, on spirituality). Throughout the book there are little exercises you can do in real time to help you put into practice what you're reading.

Even though I had already been subconsciously putting a lot of these things into practice it was definitely a wonderful read and a very fantastic reference tool when I needed a little extra bit of help. Seriously, next time someone asks me how I stay so positive in my day to day life, I'm pointing them in this book's direction!

The Happiness Perspective can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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Jenine said...

Sounds like I should look into this book. Would you recommend it for a very skeptical husband who suffers from depression?

Liz Parker said...

I'm glad the book resonated with you - it sounds like an interesting read.

Ellen said...

Both my daughter and my husband suffer with depression. It's not an easy path for anyone to follow.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

This sounds like a book we all can learn from. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, my MiL suffers chronic pain I am going to recommend this to her.

Terra Heck said...

Sounds like a book I need to read. I turn to faith in God to help with my happiness. When my mom died in April I went through a pretty severe depression. I'm now on meds to help with that. I, too, had a severe depression about 16 years ago and was institutionalized for 3 weeks. I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayla

I'm getting in touch as I am making a BBC radio documentary about sleep texting which I think you may have experienced having read an article online. I would love to interview you for the documentary over skype or phone and was hoping you maybe able to email me at I make a series called The Digital Human which explores how the digital world effects the way we live.

Hope you get in touch