Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eat What You're Craving: A Lesson in Choosing Happiness

With Christmas come and gone it tis the season to start seeing peoples' New Year's resolutions posted here, there, and everywhere, one of the most popular being giving up all things sugary and fatty and hitting the gym.

Those who have followed me for quite awhile know that I'm not a big fan of making resolutions when the new year looms near; I feel if you're going to set a goal for yourself why not do it ANY day of the year instead of waiting until the end of the year for a 'new start.'

That being said however, I'm on a reading kick lately and I recently read something in a young adult book called Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter (second book in the series) that made me really stop and think. The characters were at Thanksgiving dinner with all sorts of traditional Thanksgiving foods spread about. Along with a single bowl of spaghetti.

"You did all of this?" I asked.
"Everything but the spaghetti." 
"Which you have because...."
"Of my rules. I only eat what I'm craving and I was craving my dad's spaghetti."

When I read that passage I literally had to mark my page, put the book down, and really think about what those words meant, not only in the context of the story but in the context of everyday life.

So many people are unhappy these days because they forget to 'only eat what they're craving.' With working too many hours, being in a job you hate, being stuck in a place you'd rather not be, feeling overwhelmed, or whatever the issue is that is causing you to be unhappy, we tend to forget in the monotony and go-go-go of day to day life our happiness is truly important and ultimately up to us!

Don't be afraid to be selfish for yourself.

Say no sometimes.

Work towards what you're truly passionate about.

Eat what you're craving.

Be. Happy.

Of course life is full of unpleasant things we might not enjoy doing (hello dirty windows I hate washing) but have to and there are medical conditions that intrude on our pursuit to be happy (I know about those all too well), but generally speaking I think we all need to take back our happiness one small step at a time!

With this in mind I'm actually going to make a resolution.

The only thing is I'm not making a resolution for the new year. I'm making a resolution for today, December 28th, 2016 that extends into the new year and beyond: If possible, choose the option that makes me the happiest.

Bring on the happiness in 2017!

Quick: What makes you happy?

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