Monday, August 1, 2016

So You Want a Massage? 5 Tips for Massage Newbies & How to Save with #Groupon

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I'm not one to splurge on myself.

Sure I'll stop at Steak and Shake and treat myself with a delicious mint cookies and cream shake every now and again or buy myself a piece of unique jewelry at a thrift store that's blatantly calling my name when looking for vintage inventory but splurging on pampering myself is something completely different.

Maybe it would be different if I was able to work a steady job and have a reliable source of income coming in each week but as of right now I just can't justify spending money on getting my nails done or hair professionally dyed at a salon.

Massages on the other hand are my weakness and I would happily shell out the cold hard cash on a good one weekly if I had it to spend!

I've been to several massage therapists in my day and have experienced a few different types of massages for health and relaxation reasons. A good massage, regardless of whether it's for health or relaxation, can leave me a blissfully blurry-eyed drooling mass.

It's truly an amazing feeling and I want to share that amazingness with all of you! Here are my personal top 5 tips on where to start and what to remember when looking for and receiving a massage.

Are you a #massage newbie? Here are 5 tips to check out before you jump in + find out how you can #pamper yourself AND save thanks to #Groupon! #health #wellness #beauty

1. The many faces of massage. Just like there are hundreds of different treatments and therapies out there, there are many different types of massages. I've tried several inclusive of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, reflexology, and Reiki. If you're not sure which one you prefer go ahead and give them all a try! If you're like me and have limited funds though you might want to do your research and find out what type of massage is best for you, your body, and it's particular needs before seeking out a massage therapist.

2. You gotta jive. Just like an emotional therapist or a physical therapist, you need to jive with your massage therapist. If you're not comfortable with the person who will be putting their hands on you it defeats the whole purpose of getting the massage in the first place. Listen to your gut when speaking with a potential therapist; getting a good feeling? Give that person a try! Not such a good feeling? Politely say thank you and walk away. Same goes for after the initial first massage; did you really enjoy the process or did it leave you lacking that relaxing, bleary-eyed feeling?

3. Speak up. This is not just a one way street where the massage therapist automatically knows why you're there and miraculously gives you what you want. Let them know! What is it that you want from this massage? Are you there for health reasons or just for relaxation? Does a specific body part need more attention than the others or should they steer clear from something in particular? Are you more of a deep tissue kinda guy or gal or is a light touch where it's at? Don't forget that you can (and should) converse with them before, during, and after the massage; you're paying good money and taking time out of your day, you should be getting the most benefit out of the experience.

4. Know your limits. If you're like me and get massages mostly for health related reasons, you have to know your body and its limitations (something I still struggle with nearly 13 years later). Having a bad day? It might not be the best to get that deep tissue like you planned so tell your therapist to go light this time. Stressed out? tell your therapist prior to the starting and let them take care of it. Whether you're chronically ill or not, just listen to what your body is telling you that day and go from there.

5. Water, water, and, oh yea, more water. Regardless of if you're like me and love it when your massage therapist digs in deep (it just hurts so good) or whether you just like a light, soothing touch, after your massage is done water is key. We live in a toxic society and that sadly effects our bodies. Massages stir up all the toxic iciness that resides within us and it can give us a sick feeling; aches, pain flair ups, headaches, sore throats, etc. It's up to you and that water you're pushing to help flush out those stirred up toxins and evacuate them from the body!

For those of you who have issues splurging on pampering yourself like I do or wish you could splurge but don't really have the funds to do so Groupon wants to let you know they've got you covered with their hundreds of Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons available on their website!

Looking for something in particular? Head on over and see what is being offered in your area.

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Have YOU ever gotten a massage? If not, what type of pampering do you prefer?


brokenteepee said...

I remember my first massage - I was afraid to say anything. After a few I learned to explain what I wanted because without that I was frustrated and the therapist could not read my mind. Now when I get one I am happy.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

My skin is considered type 0, when I try on clothes and stuff and with too much rubbing I get welts and huge red marks. So how do I avoid this with a massage? So far the only massage I have ever loved is either foot or head where I am not affected with the rubbing issue. Groupon has some great deals right in my town for massage.

Liz Parker said...

Interesting re: drinking water after, I didn't know that! I LOVE massages. Funny that you post about Groupon too, they have a Cedar Point (amusement park) deal today that I'm going to buy :).

Tina @ My Highest Self said...

I have gotten a few massages over the years. I've enjoyed only a couple though, only the deep tissue massages really work for me. I will have to check out Groupon!

Ellen said...

I've never had a massage before. I had no idea that you could save on them with Groupon.

Terra Heck said...

I've actually never gotten a professional massage. Would love to someday.
I like the "water" tip. Never would've guessed that water was so essential after a massage.

Unknown said...

I agree. You have to know your body and sometimes, especially when you have a chronic illness like we do it's hard to navigate. It's been a blessing to be able to get massages etc cheaper on Groupon. It definitely helps with the budget!

Jennifer S. said...

I need one now. It's been way too long!!! I have to try a few different types. I think I have only ever had basic massages.

Unknown said...

What great tips. The first time I got a massage, I was so shy I didn't want to tell the massage therapist that she was not going deep enough on my back and I felt so jipped. Know I know that it is money I am spending and I deserve it to be the best it can be... for me!

Dawn Lopez said...

I haven't had a massage in ages, I could really use one right about now. But.. what I really need is a pedicure! Totally gonna check out Groupon to see the options nearby. I'd love to save a few bucks ;)