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I Enjoy Tea Before Bed: My Hampton Inn & Suites West Bend Hotel Experience

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I enjoy #tea before bed: Read all about my experience staying at the Hamtpom Inn & Suites #hotel in West Bend, #Wisconsin while in town for the Mother Earth News Fair! #travel #MotherEarthFair #MotherEarthNews #menf

My dad travels quite a bit for his job so he's no stranger to airports, flying, and hotel rooms. In fact he belongs to several reward programs through hotel chains and flight companies. Every time he travels, which is at least 2 to 3 times a month in his busy months, he racks up more reward points to spend at a future date on a plethora of different things.

I know we got my mom her laptop through his reward programs several years ago and their shared iPad as well.

When it comes to those type of reward programs you're also able to use your points on hotel rooms and flights as well as tangible items which is exactly what he did when we went to the Mother Earth News Fair in West Bend, Wisconsin at the beginning of July.

I enjoy #tea before bed: read all about my experience staying at the Hamtpom Inn & Suites #hotel in West Bend, #Wisconsin while in town for the Mother Earth News Fair! #travel #MotherEarthFair #MotherEarthNews #menf

We spent most of the day at the Mother Earth Fair and afterwords went to dinner so when we got to our hotel around 7pm we were dead on our feet and just wanted to kick back and relax; after all we knew we all had another busy day ahead of us.

The first thing I noticed about the Hampton Inn & Suites West Bend was that it was a beautiful and inviting building, outside as well as inside. As soon as I walked through those automatic doors, the lobby was immediately to your left and to the right was a gorgeous common room that made me immediately feel comfortable and at ease enough to want to take a seat in one of the lovely looking chairs and relax.

While we didn't need to use any of the hotel amenities this trip, while exploring I noticed that they have an indoor heated pool, whirlpool, and a small modern fitness center. I also learned courtesy of their website that they offer free high speed internet access in each room and they even have a 24-hour business center with internet access and free printing!

The Room

My dad had booked a double queen bed room for him and my mom so it happened to work out that they got their own bed and I got mine. Of course once we all dropped our stuff in various places, changed, and hit the beds it was all over!

In fact the beds were so soft and comfortable that even though my mom and I tried to watch some TV for a little while to get our fix (we've been without cable in our household for nearly 4 years now) we were both falling asleep with the remote in hand. It was only 9:00pm.

My dad, Mr. In-Bed-By-9-Every-Night, even outlasted both my mom and I which was the first time that had ever happened. Ever.

Before we were enticed by the super fluffy white beds I got to take a look around the room and was very impressed by what I saw. While the hotel room itself was seemingly ordinary at first glance it was the little things that ultimately set it apart; the handwritten note promising the room was thoroughly cleaned that day by housekeeping complete with complimentary mints, the USB and outlet plugin on the nightstand right near both beds for added convenience, the sign in the bathroom near the toiletries assuring you if you had forgotten something just ring down and they would be happy to provide it...

Customer service is key and this hotel definitely has it down to a science!

The bathroom was equally as nice and clean as the room itself which, as we all know, is very important. Aside from the normal amenities a bathroom should have (I.E. toilet paper, clean towels, shampoo, conditioner, and soaps) this bathroom also contained the small coffee maker for the room as well as small packets of coffee and supplies for the coffee making process.

Like I mentioned above the little things are key and I loved the hotel put a little sign in the bathroom letting its guests know if we happened to forget anything they would be more than happy to provide us with whatever we needed!


All 3 of us woke up bright and early to be at the fairgrounds by 9:00am so breakfast was definitely on our radar. Once downstairs we joined the handful of hotel guests mulling about, trying to decide what we wanted before checking out and setting off for the day.

From pastries and breads to a few fresh fruit options, a make your own waffle bar, hot breakfast options including eggs, sausage patties, and hash browns encased in a container to keep it fresh and warm and, of course, the boxes of cereal and containers of yogurt there were quite a few different options to choose from!

While I do wish there was more of a gluten free selection they did provide enough to get creative so those who wanted to watch what they ate could. It was just hard to pass up that make your own waffle station!

We all agreed that for a quick and inexpensive overnight stay we really enjoyed the Hampton Inn & Suites West Bend and would have no problem staying there again if we were ever in the area.

The customer service was top notch, the hotel itself was clean and inviting, and those queen beds we got to sleep in were like little fluffy clouds; I can't say I woke up refreshed because I sadly never do but I would definitely say I was as close as I ever get that morning!

Honestly my only qualm was I wish they had more of a variety of tea I could choose from before I headed off to bed that night but really, having a tea station at all was probably one of the things that made my stay.

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Terra Heck said...

Looks like a nice, cozy place to stay. Glad you enjoyed it.
We stayed at a Comfort Inn in St. Louis Tuesday night. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Was good enough to crash in.