Monday, March 21, 2016

Be Good, Think Good, Do Good: Karma Cards + FREE Offer

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I grew up with two life-long practicing Catholic parents until I was around 8 or 9 years old. Both of them came from very religious backgrounds and did their best to instill that faith in my sister and I. We went to church, I had my first holy communion, and I even did religious lessons with a very no nonsense nun whom I really wish I could remember the name of.

Once I grew older, I started to question things when it came to religion. We had also moved back to Illinois from my father's previous relocation to Kentucky 18 months prior and, try as they might, my parents could not find a church they felt was the right "fit". Everything seemed too commercial and eventually they gave up their search to become non-practicing Catholics leaving my sister and I to figure out what we wanted to do for ourselves.

Like I said, as I grew older I very quickly realized organized religion was not my thing. Through some experimentation, research, some trial and error, and of course some very traditional Catholic guilt I realized I'm not religious at all; I'm spiritual. I believe ALL religions are right and there is no right or wrong god, goddess, or deity as long as people need that kind of comfort and community in their lives.

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I also believe in things like reincarnation, spirits, divination tools (I'm a tarot and oracle card reader and have been for years), numerology, and so much more! In fact, one of my rules of thumb I live by each and every day is what goes around comes around...

Yes folks, Karma has come a knockin'; are you on her good side or her bad side?

Apparently I'm not alone in my belief of Karmic intervention either. Professional polls show that 55% of Americans believe in the non-religious concept of Karma and out of that 180 million people, 110 million of them are women whom believe.

Collecting good Karma or, as I like to refer to it, being in Karma's 'good graces' is as easy as just being kind. Doing a good deed, donating your time or money to a charity close to your heart, even flashing a smile to a stranger you feel needs a little pick me up are all examples of good karmic energy.


Amazing Karma Social Network is taking Karma to a whole new level in this technological day and age and it's pretty genius if I do say so myself!

The whole concept behind Amazing Karma is their Green or Red Karma Cards that earn you 'Karma Points.' As you may have already guessed, the Green Karma Cards are for positive actions while the Red Karma Cards are for negative ones, but both types of cards are treated the same way.

There are 3 ways to get Karma Cards:
  • They can be given to you by others.
  • You may randomly find them scattered around the world.
  • You may buy them online if you so choose.

However you've accumulated your Karma Cards, once you choose to register them on the website they are tracked and mapped at and every time a card is registered again, it generates a positive Karma Point for YOU and also for EVERY person who registered the same Karma Card in the past. As long as the Karma Card keeps being passed on, you earn unlimited Karma Points!

Why give points to those who receive the red cards you might ask? When someone receives and registers a Red Karma Card, the assumption is that that particular person has owned their negative actions and taken personal responsibility for them which is why they are being rewarded.

Once you've achieved enough Karma Points, they are redeemable as Karma Cash toward donations to registered charities or for any consumer Gift Card!

For a limited time the visionary behind Darlene, or Karma Dar as she's known on her website, is offering FREE Karma Cards to get you started. No need to pay anything or put in any sort of credit card information. She even will pay all shipping and any associated fees.


Do you believe in Karma? Who would you give your first Karma Card (green OR red) to?

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Sally said...

Nice blog.

I'm not sure about Karma, but certainly like "pay it forwards" and "what goes around comes around". Perhaps that is Karma - light? ;)

Unknown said...

I am a firm believer in Karma. I have seen it too much in my life.

Liz Parker said...

Interesting idea. I do believe in karma so I think this could be a good way to start spreading good.

Ellen said...

I don't believe in karma. I do believe in being kind to other people because that's the right thing to do. I wish that more people focused on doing good and being kid. I think the world would be a nicer place.