Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

5 Benefits of Pole Fitness & Free 30 Days of Yoga Offer

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Pole fitness, or better known in society as pole dancing, is a truly excellent form of exercise that not many people know about or are willing to give a try. It has slowly been growing in popularity as a legitimate form of exercise the past couple of years and pro-polers and advocates of the activity are even fighting for it to be part of the Olympics!

Pole fitness still has a ways to go to be fully accepted into the fitness world but I'm hoping articles like mine will educate people to the wide range of benefits pole fitness offers those people that practice it and maybe, just maybe, get a few people to give it a try.

Here are just 5 benefits you can take away from this fun form of exercise:

1. Weight loss and toning-when it comes to pole fitness, it's an all around kind of exercise. It hits many different things, weight loss and toning being a big part of that! The best part about this physical activity is regardless of how much you weight, if you really want to try it out you can! Actually, because this is a hands on activity where you're lifting your own body weight for a majority of the time, if you have a little more weight to lose, that generally works in your favor and you're more apt to lose weight, gain muscle, and tone down faster.

2. Flexibility-with some of the moves that make up pole fitness, flexibility is required but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a requirement when you initially start the activity. Much like any other exercise, the more you participate and push yourself, the more benefit you'll gain including helping you gain flexibility with each class and/or workout you do.

3. Strength building-with pole, aside from the floor work, you're basically benching what you weigh with every move you do. From the simple starter spins to the climbing to the inversions, every single move you do is the equivalent of lifting your own body weight. Not only that, but you're repeatedly lifting your weight the entire 45 minute to an hour the class or workout runs. Keep exercising like that and those muscles will build themselves in no time.

4. It helps energize and promote blood flow-just like with yoga, the moves where you invert (any moves that require you to go upside down or put your heart over your head) help to energize you, promote good blood flow and circulation, kick starts your lymph system which in turn helps increase immunity, and so much more.

5. Confidence-exercise in general helps promote confidence but pole fitness not only promotes confidence in your physical body, but it helps boost your confidence as a woman (or man) mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I've hear of and actually seen woman with eating disorders that have struggled for years overcome their emotional struggles because of pole fitness. It's an incredibly empowering tool.

Thanks to Stayfree and their line of feminine products, I don't have to wait until that time of the month is over to enjoy staying fit, whether it be pole fitness or another mode of exercise I enjoy participating in such as yoga, hiking, weight lifting, walking, etc!

I understand, even though us women barely want to get out of bed let alone exercise when Mother Nature hits, we have to keep in mind that exercising, regardless of the mode, can help keep some symptoms associated with PMS and periods at bay, so why suffer through it when we can be proactive?

Speaking of, don't forget about Stayfree's partnership with My Yoga Online and Gaiam TV--Have you gotten your 30 days of free yoga yet? The offer only goes through March 12th so you better hurry.

You really can't beat free yoga for buying something you already need, am I right?!

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If given the opportunity, would you try pole fitness? 
What other forms of exercise do you enjoy?