Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Best Black Friday Purchase & Coupons. com Giveaway #BlackFridayGiveaway

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In my family, Black Friday is as much of a cherished holiday tradition as the turkey on Thanksgiving, opening up one present on Christmas Eve, and banging pots and pans at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

Heck, as far as my family is concerned Black Friday IS a holiday in and of itself!

My mom, sister, and I have been battling our way into stores with the best holiday deals at ridiculously early hours for years. Of course each year is a toss up for me in regards to my health since Winter is usually my worst season but if I'm at least halfway decent I'm out scouting deals.

I do remember a particularly humorous year where Black Friday was tackled in a wheelchair and in which I became a human cart, clothing piled on my lap all the way up to my eyeballs!

All by my sister of course, who is the fashionista of the family.

Throughout the years we've picked up some great deals including tons of incredibly priced movies and TV show seasons to seasonally appropriate clothing to thoughtful gifts for family and friends. In all the past years though, the best purchase I ever made on Black Friday hands down had to be my Winter wool peacoat jacket from New York and Company.

One year I deviated from the family and decided to do Black Friday with one of my best friends so we hit up our local mall to see what goodies we could snag. I had no intention of buying much (sadly, it's called a budget) but once I saw this coat hanging on the rack with a ridiculously too-good-to-pass-up price tag along with the Black Friday sale they were running, well, I just couldn't pass it up!

The peacoat is very figure flattering and came in several colors but I decided upon the grey because I thought it would go with pretty much everything. Since the coat is mostly wool it's also amazingly warm.

At the time I purchased my coat my friend ended up also trying on the same coat but decided to pass it up. Once we were shopped out she dropped me back off at my house where later that evening I got a phone call. Turns out she ended up going back to the mall with her mom and picked up the same jacket in green.

Like I said above, it really was too good to pass up!

Years later we both still wear our peacoats that we got that fateful Black Friday when the weather starts to sport a nip in the air. Minus one lost and one loose button with some everyday wear and tear, they have both held up incredibly well to the test of time. Just goes to show you buying quality made products is always the way to go.

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What's YOUR best Black Friday or holiday purchase?