Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm a Bitch. A Book Bitch.

I never was one to do many extracurricular activities when it came to school because of my illness but there was one club I belonged to starting in 7th grade and stretching all the way through my senior year of high school.

I was in book club.

I think this was my club of choice because I was and still am, of course, an avid reader and I had started going to this particular club before I initially got sick, so when I started missing a lot of school in the beginning and throughout the school year of 2004, my fellow book club members did their best to still incorporate me into the activities of the club.

That hospitality never really stopped throughout the years and regardless of how many meetings I missed, I was welcomed back with open arms when I was healthy enough to attend.

Something I really missed about book club was the special bond we all shared. Those who are avid readers understand the one I'm talking about; when you come across another book lover who happened to have read one of the same books you have and instant conversation starter about characters, story plots, the author's writing go into that book's world once again with someone who got to know the characters just as well as you did.

Fast forward nearly 6 1/2 years later and I'm part of a book club once again lovingly named by it's founder and one of my close friends, Book Bitches.

And this time around we've got wine. Lots of wine.

As you can see, our first book was Stephen King's Bag of Bones which is a 752 page book that I proudly finished in 3 days. Unfortunately a few of my fellow Book Bitches weren't able to finish the whole thing due to life, understandably, but we all still had a great time discussing everything about the book from the characters to the plot twists to even the TV movie inspired by the book.

We incorporated a ladies brunch into the club meeting as well so there was also plenty of delicious food and beverages contributed by each of us. Did I also mention plenty of wine?

My contribution were my famous gluten free lime cupcakes with a special book club accessory (no books were harmed in the making of these cupcakes):

Since we were having a ladies brunch and that usually leads the mind to think 'fancy' and 'sophisticated', we all decided to get all dressed up for the occasion as well. There are so very little chances to dress up these days that it's nice to be able to do it every now and again!

From the food contributed to the book chosen to the hours spent laughing and joking among friends, I think the first meeting was a huge success! Since some of us had issues finishing the first book we decided the second book would be below 300 pages. After a few books were suggested, we voted and decided upon Rachel Caine's Glass Houses.

Now to just wait until our second meeting to repeat the fun festivities!

 Speaking of books, what are YOU reading?


Jennifer S. said...

OMG I love this idea. How fun!!! I need some book recommendations so I will look forward to what you book bitches suggest. LMAO!

XmasDolly said...

What a wonderful idea to come up with. Can I be a book bitch too? I see you have Stephen King! Woo Hoo you take after you CM!!! I have many of his. Did you ever read Dark Tower.. I have all seven, but not done reading all of them just can't find the time with those behemoths. hehehehe Have fun sweetheart. I was going to see if you wanted to rock with us today, but you go ahead and have a great time and I want to see pics of that bitchy party! hehehe Also, I have more book give-aways coming up soon, so please stop by HUGS my sweetie HAPPY LABOR DAY my pretty girl! So proud of you! Oh if there's a Stephen King book you like let me know maybe I have it and can mail it to you. HUGS Oh one more thing did you see my article and did you see my Post about HUGS?

Terra Heck said...

Unfortunately, our school never had a book club. I like to read but not so sure I could be committed to a book club. Looks like you had fun at your meeting!

Colette S said...

I love it! I envy it! I love it :)

Have fun with your books, wine and girls :)

I'm reading three books. The one now is What The WHat by Eggers

Colette S said...

I love it! I envy it! I love it :)

Have fun with your books, wine and girls :)

I'm reading three books. The one now is What The WHat by Eggers

Cathy Kennedy said...

I was never an avid reader. I blame this partially on my struggles as a child with reading and now that I'm older I just can't seem to keep my mind settled long enough to enjoy anything longer than a few paragraphs. That's why short articles & blog reading appeals to me so, but my daughters were book worms. They absorbed books like water. I believe they still love to read, but work limits their time spent in front of a good book or their Kindle. I'm glad you found your place back with a circle of like-minded friends. Oh yeah, you cracked me up with... no books were harmed in making of these cupcakes. lol Have a good weekend, dearie!