Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Metallic Memories: Canvas Press Metal Print Review

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation, product, monetary or otherwise, for this review on The Eclectic Element. All opinions and expressions above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Please do your own research on a product or service before purchasing as your results may vary. 

I'm at that age where I'm starting to think about buying a house of my own. Even though I have an insatiable wanderlust that tugs at my mind and body almost daily, there is a rival part of me that wants to buy a house and settle down, at least for a little while.

One thing that excites me about having my own space is all the decorating possibilities. I'm definitely a vintage and antique lover with some bohemian and shabby chic vibes thrown in there, so I have a feeling my decorating style is going to be quite eclectic!

One thing for sure is my house is going to be peppered with pictures. On walls, on tables, on shelves, in the kitchen, in the hallways, in the living room, big pictures, little pictures, and every size in between; pictures liven up a space with a personal touch and provide so much joy to the viewer. They can even sparking some lively, deep, or hilarious conversations on what the story behind the picture is.

Canvas Press knows just what pictures can mean and they provide many options to display your memorable, hilarious, or meaningful photos where everyone can see!

About Canvas Press:

"Canvas Press is a company with a small, family-feel. Yet, we have a reach and customer-following that extends around the globe. We are built on a passion for fine art and an exceptional product that exceeds all expectations. The treasure that arrives to your door is an investment that will amaze you and possibly re-inspire your entire d├ęcor. That is the powerful effect of art, especially art that you helped to create."

Original Picture

Now, this review is somewhat of a little odd because, as a blogger, I was not provided any compensation for it. I subscribe to Canvas Press's newsletter and they sent out a survey a little while back asking folks if they would kindly provide some input in exchange for a free 5x7 metal print complete with free shipping.

Ever the thrifty freebie lovin' gal I am, I took the survey and received my free metal print.

What makes this different is I was so incredibly impressed with Canvas Press and what I received, I immediately contacted the company asking if I could do a review because I loved it that much!

The process to which I created my print was a very simple one. Once you have a photograph you want in mind, head on over to their metal prints page and start creating. Of course they have several other mediums aside from metal to choose from such as canvas prints and photo paper along with some really unique options like custom wallpaper and even growth charts to watch as your children grow.

Click to Enlarge

I chose to upload something from my computer but if you're a return customer, they make it super easy for you; you can sign in and upload a saved picture from your image gallery.

Once uploaded, the fun begins! You get to choose your size preference, medium preference, whether you want it horizontal or vertical, boarder or no boarder, special enhancements, and even whether you want your photo retouched or add a couple words, both of which are at an extra cost.

Even though there are a lot of things to consider, the creation process was really smooth and simple as was checking out.

Check out the final product!

The metal print itself came out so amazingly that I was enthralled with it the moment I unwrapped it! The quality of the original picture was most definitely kept with the making of the print. In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd say the print was even better than the original picture, it was that good! Plus the fact that it has been printed on metal just made it that much more awesome.

The physical 5 x 7 metal print itself was very slim and lightweight, the perfect size for the space I'm currently in, however if you would like something a little, or even a lot, bigger, they have sizes ranging from 8 x 8 all the way up to 15 x 19, all at reasonable prices.

As for Canvas Press, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of products they carry, the customer service and overall way they value their customers. It's really nice to see companies priding themselves on not only what they offer but how they interact with their customers!



Liz Parker said...

Looks like nice quality!

Momma Told Me said...

I'm fascinated by metal prints, I think the photo resemblance is great- it's something canvas prints don't offer these days.

Stevie said...

Oh I have actually never seen a metal print before. That looks so coool! I am a big picture freak so I have to check this site out. Thanks!!!

brokenteepee said...

Very cool. I've been reading a lot about metal prints lately and I must admit they do have me curious.

Katy Rose said...

A metal print? What an interesting idea. I've never seen or heard of a picture like this before but it looks totally chic. - Katy

Jenn said...

I was not aware of this company. Looks like a great gift idea.

Dede said...

That is really neat! I love that you could mount this on the wall and have it look almost flush, rather than sticking out. Very modern.

Lena B said...

Such an interesting idea - and super adorable photo

Ellen said...

Love this idea. It would make a great Mother's Day gift.

Kristyn said...

i am loving this idea!