Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Health Update Thursday(2/20)

Yet another installment of my Health Update Thursday and here I am again apologizing for being MIA. Once the new year hit I had high hopes that this year was going to be as good, if not better than last year and unfortunately, things have not turned out that way.


See, I'm an optimist. I included the yet.

These past few weeks have been horrendous with the constant physical and mental ups and downs; one week I'll be doing decent then the next I'll be bedbound. I never know what tomorrow is going to bring whether I'll be out of bed, in bed, walking, with a walker, in pain, too tired to move...All the constant physical, emotional, and mental changes really wear on a person's spirit, let me tell you.

I'm so back logged with everything it's ridiculous-there have actually been days to a week at a time where I couldn't even sit up enough to be on the computer!

Now that was rough.

Today consisted of feeling like crap, being exhausted all day, leg weakness and pain, joint and muscle pain but the good news is I was somewhat productive and got a little bit done here and there when my ADD mind would let me.

The weather here in Illinois isn't helping much either. The Universe granted us two whole days reprieve from the dreary and cold Winter weather with sunshine and near 40 degree temperatures but like the rest of this season, it didn't last for long. Another ice storm is forecasted to hit Wednesday evening into Thursday and I foresee not a lot of people going anywhere in that!

As for me, I'm faced with some very serious issues I need to deal with, one of which might be giving up blogging for awhile if I can't get my health issues under control. Being so back logged with everything has me stressed and that might be contributing to my continual ups and downs. The decision won't be made for awhile because I have obligations to fulfill, but it's definitely in consideration.

On top of everything else we think some of the issues I'm having are due to consuming a decent amount of sugar on a daily basis (Hello, my name is Kayla and I'm a sugar addict *CueTheCollectiveHiKayla*) so I'm doing my best to cut out most of it until we know for sure it's adding to my problem(s).

Oh, and I also unfortunately had to put my 30 Day GoGoGirl Fit Challenge on hold because I'm not well enough to exercise. I just had to add that in here so people don't think I'm just lazy and skipped out on working out!

Needless to say, there's a lot going on that I'm dealing with and it ain't an easy time for me right now.

As always I thank you, my friends, readers, and supporters, for sticking by me and continuing to read and follow my health and wellness journey. You guys are why I love doing what I do :)


Crochet Addict UK said...

Take time to heal! Everyone will be here if you come back.

Terra Heck said...

Take care of yourself. Prayers for you. Yes, the IL weather has been pretty crappy. I'm soooo ready for spring.

lisagee1234 said...

I am a sugar addict too. But I've learned recently that it causes inflammation. Best to cut it or really lessen it and see the results. Mustard is supposed to help cramps. I have daily pain too and am opening my mind to eating much healthier and what foods help.

XmasDolly said...

Hey girl, you know what's good, and what's bad, and what to do when you're down. I'm so proud of you that you know so much, and what you don't know you find out. I will tell you one thing my neurologist said I didn't have neuropathy & he feels it's a pinched nerve, and Fibromyalgia. I've been on cymbalta and it's a pain interrupter where it interrupts the signal to the brain, and the brain doesn't know you're having pain, and it's a depressant so you're in a better mood, and it's great. Finally something that works, and it sounds like maybe it would work for you. Look it up and ask your doctor. Hugs and feel better. CM

Krafty Max Originals said...

We will be here - whether you blog or not. The first thing you have to do is take care of yourself, then us. Please be safe and healthy, some of us need you around to keep us motivated and inspired!! ~KM

Jennifer S. said...

Take care of yourself! Everyone here will understand. Hate to hear that you are feeling so bad, though! :( I can relate to the sugar thing... I am working on that myself right now. I know it has a lot to do with making me feel crappiER than I already do. Hopefully once the weather gets warmer you will feel a lot better, too!! xoxox

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Kayla, you've got to take time to recuperate. That is one area where I've waved my white flag... my health now comes first so I can take care of my family. Because the stress that comes with blogging, obligations, reviews, etc ... sorry, but screw it. That {while it is fun and fulfilling - I know} in the grand scheme of things does.not.matter. Take care of yourself. Please.

Unknown said...

I hope you will feel better. If time off is what you need, then better sooner then later, my friend!

*Kel* said...

Hi, Kayla ~ I came across your name as a Bead Soup Blog Party participant & after reading your bio, noticed that you are a Hayao Miyazaki fan, as is my family! I love all his movies, but I think my 2 faves are 'Kiki's Delivery Service', and 'Ponyo'! My husband & youngest daughter (13) are major fans. I also related to your challenges with daily chronic pain and fatigue. I certainly understand and get it on some level! Lately I've been down more days than up. I love your positive outlook and appreciate you taking the time and energy to share your coping strategies. I look forward to seeing you during the BSBP 2014 Reveal! Peace, Love, & Sunshine, Kelley