Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Artists Around the Globe: GlobeIn 3 Month Subscription Giveaway

I'm a sucker for items from other countries and cultures. I think it's the wanderlust in me that craves something from far away. Just knowing an item came from a different country with different climates, cultures, languages, and foods excites me-like I have a tiny piece of that far away land to wear or put on my shelf for display.

Of course I'd rather travel and experience the people and cultures myself, but collecting is the next best thing until I can afford to travel across the globe!

Until then, companies like GlobeIn help satiate my craving with unique handcrafted goods from artists all over the world.

"We created GlobeIn to make a difference in the lives of local artisans by connecting them with the global economy. That desire drives us to be a different kind of online marketplace. One with a focus on creating opportunities for all artisans. One that is not limited by technology but expanded by it. One that is motivated not by what is easy for us, but by what will be most meaningful for them. One that values not only our artisans crafts, but also their passion, their history and their culture."

Check out this video on how exactly GlobeIn works and how it helps support local artists everywhere:

From home decor, traditional clothing, and unique accessories to lifestyle items and, of course, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, GlobeIn works with many different artists who produce unique treasures bound to be loved by everyone regardless of where they're located!

On top of the individual handcrafted artisan goods you can purchase through their website, GlobeIn has created their own subscription box! You choose the category-jewelry, decor, or home accessories-and 3 specially handcrafted items from around the world and the stories of the artists who made the pieces are carefully selected for your box.


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3 Month Subscription to GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box

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latanya t said...

Gift for Him - Handcrafted Leather Briefcase

Jackie said...

I just love the black clay vase found here: http://globein.com/item/san-bartolo-coyotepec-flower-vase-handcrafted-black-clay-vase

Robin O said...

My favorite item at GlobeIn is the Silver necklace with gems from Tajikistan.

Unknown said...

What a good resource!

Dale said...

I just love the Suzani here: http://globein.com/item/handmade-suzani-south-tajik-regions