Thursday, December 12, 2013

Health Update Thursday(12/12)

It's been pretty crazy here lately with all the running around, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, etc etc etc. On top of that, I'm still doing pretty decent so I'm trying to take advantage of the "healthy" while I can; in between the non-healthy bouts of course!

Currently in the continuing health saga of moi, I've been fighting some sort of....something that just does not want to go away! It came with a nasty cough, sore throat, and a pressure in the head (not quite a headache) and has been here for going on a week and a half. The good news is I'm still up and moving-the bad news is, aside from the fact it doesn't want to subside, it's bringing all sorts of interesting and unwelcome side effects.

Last night while watching a movie with the bf, all of a sudden I turned to him and let him know I wanted to puke. Not. Fun. I was sick all night and I'm still a little queasy which can be due to the drainage I've been experiencing, the doughnuts I ate yesterday, or a bunch of other things. 

That's the part about being sick I hate the most: you never know what causes something. It can be one thing, two things, or multiple things and there's never any way of truly knowing.

I'm also trying to keep up with everything (blogging, email, business, etc), so the stress of that may or may not be contributing to things. I know it's caused me a few sleepless nights which isn't good for my body in its current state.

Ah, that tricky, elusive life balance I'm still trying to master....

Anyway, to sum things up: I'm still hanging in there and doing my best to keep hanging in there!


XmasDolly said...

You're always in my prayers baby girl!!!

Terra Heck said...

Keep hanging in there. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

I had that going a while does get better!!