Thursday, November 7, 2013

Isis Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild *Review*

Disclaimer: I received the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Please do your own research before committing to purchase a product or service because your opinions may vary.

Some of you may or may not know this about me, but I'm very passionate about my spirituality and connection to the Universe. While I'm not religious, I'm very spiritual and yes, there is difference between the two. I enjoy divination, reading about all sorts of things from Shamanism all the way to astrology, and even going to drumming and healing circles in the area.

Awhile ago I was lucky enough to not only review a new oracle deck that had just been released, but I was also able to interview it's creator, Alana Fairchild!

The Kuan Yin Oracle deck was absolutely stunning and Alana was such a beautiful soul who put a lot of time and energy into her work and it most definitely showed through the vivid colors and gorgeous images in her deck as well as the interpretation of each card.

Fast forward a little while later when I was contacted to do another review by US Games Inc., this time of Alana's newest oracle deck, the Isis Oracle. Enjoying her Kuan Yin Oracle so much, how could I refuse?!

"I have loved you since ancient times, dear child of the light, Initiate of the Soul Path. I honour your light and seek to serve your growth. Even through darkest challenge, I am there with you, urging you to seek the light through the darkness and realize that you will always triumph with love in your heart. I honour your service to the path that I serve, the path of ancient feminine power, the path of healing, love and the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. Power to you, beloved Initiate, love to you. What joy there is in meeting you again this lifetime.

Going into this review, I quite honestly didn't know much about the goddess Isis. I knew the fundamentals, (Egyptian, priestess, guide) but that's about it so I was quite excited to get to learn more about this ancient Egyptian goddess and what she could bring into my life!

The Deck

First and foremost aside from eye-catching design, I prefer larger cards when it comes to my tarot and oracle decks (I find larger cards easier to work with), so when I opened the deck and found the cards to be of a larger size, I was pretty darn happy! Each card in this 44-card deck is made of a nice and sturdy card stock and finished off with a beautiful glossy sheen; no worries about spillage of any kind because it can be wiped right off.

The deck itself comes in a gorgeous box that also carries a glossy sheen. Whether you choose to keep your cards in the box they come in or somewhere else, they'll no doubt be nice and safe! 

The Artwork

This time around Alana Fairchild teamed up with Jimmy Manton, an award-winning illustrator whose works have been featured in several different magazines and publications, to bring to life the goddess Isis and all things Egyptian in this oracle deck.

Jimmy's images are nothing short of extraordinary. As I flipped through each of the 44 cards in this deck for the first time, I'm not ashamed to say I teared up because they were SO soul-capturingly beautiful! To say he brings to life Isis and everything Egyptian in his artwork is a true understatement; his images on each card are so incredibly rich with detail and color that each transports you to a different time and place in ancient Egypt.

The Messages

Along with the 44 cards in the deck, you will find a 220-page illustrated guidebook written by Alana. Each card has a specific uplifting message to it and comes with a ritual you can complete to enhance your reading experience, and more importantly, your everyday life as well as your continuing spiritual journey!

Flipping through and reading some of the card's meanings and the accompanying rituals you can complete is when I truly fell in love with this deck. Of course the stunning imagery and the size of the cards definitely contributed to that love, but what really hooked me was Alana's style of writing; her knowledge of the divine, Isis, and spirituality as a whole shines right through each page of her 220-page guidebook and struck several cords in me.

I truly believe from everything I've read so far that this deck was meant to make its way into my hands because I can relate to so many things it stands for!



Krafty Max Originals said...

my goodness, that looks amazing!! I am like you, very in-touch with the earth and spiritual, but I am not very religious. Have fun!! ~KM

XmasDolly said...

Now this looks like the type of book I would read. I love anything that even remotely looks like mythology. This is a wonderful build up for this story too. What a great job you did sharing your intake. Hugs & have a great weekend. Dave & I are going to go see Los Lonely Boys tonight at the Arcada Theater. They're a one hit wonder band that is really quite good. Their hit is "Heaven"! I haven't been out in so long just for me & let's say not band stuff. Woo Hoo! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kelsey Apley said...

This looks like a nice set. I have never done tarot cards or anything like that.

Unknown said...

The artwork on the cards does look beautiful. I'm glad you found something you love and can learn. I think the ancient Egyptians are such an interesting people.

tm said...

This sounds like a nice set to have. Maybe Santa will bring one for me!

Unknown said...

I know many friends who would really enjoy this. My best friend back home used to read cards all the time, she always said she was more at peace with life!

Jennifer S. said...

This is so cool. I am the same - spiritual without being religious. I like to keep an open mind to every idea and belief. These cards are beautiful and I would love to see what they show!!

Liz Mays said...

I think my daughter might have a similarly minded set of cards. I can certainly appreciate how beautiful they are!

Dawn Lopez said...

This is really neat, my husband actually really loves things like this.. I am going to have to share this with him. Thanks!

Style, Decor & More said...

This sounds like a wonderful and interesting read. I would definitely love to read it.

Unknown said...

I've never seen anything like this. How cool!