Thursday, November 21, 2013

Health Update Thursday(11/21)

Boy, has it been one crazy week since my birthday on Sunday! Lots of wonderful birthday surprises, one of which has been staying with me since Sunday which is why I haven't gotten much blogging and social media upkeep done the past couple of days (more of that to be explained later of course).

I was doing very well with the exception of the normal daily fatigue and pain up to and through the day of my birthday but my celebration unfortunately ended the day after when my body crashed due to a little too much celebrating-yes ladies and gentleman, I overdid it!

While I was a little surprised, I now look back and realize I shouldn't have been too surprised that I overdid it. Monday did start pretty well with a bunch of us getting out to see the new Thor movie, but things hit once I sat down in the movie theater-two hours of a very uncomfortable Kayla was not my idea of a good time, but I made the best of it.

After that, we had to head to Target to get a few things and that's when things went downhill. My boyfriend actually had to escort me out because I was in tears at the pain I was in. My body has pretty bad timing, too, because I had a 4 hour class that evening and with me not being able to sit for more than 5 minutes, my class was most definitely not happening.

Anyway, since Monday I've been not doing so good. While I'm still mobile and moving around, it's extremely painful and I'm having quite a bit of 'lady' issues. Considering my time of month is rapidly drawing near, that explains half the stuff I've been going through up until now!

Lots of pelvic and 'lady region' pain on top of the leg aching, muscle, joint, and nerve pain I've been experiencing. This month is also one of those emotional months that has me near tears at every little thing and, I admit, I'm definitely cranky to my family and boyfriends' dismay.

Currently I'm just waiting to get my period so things can (hopefully) go back to "normal" in time for Thanksgiving. I'd really like to enjoy the holiday relatively healthy, minimal pain, and not on the verge of tears!

On an off note, I'm almost done with my online class so that will also free up more time for me to get back to my Etsy shop and blogging, which has me quite excited because I'm most definitely behind.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

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Unknown said...

Well, hope TOM visit soon and be over soon for you!