Monday, October 14, 2013

Not Your Normal Sock Monkey: Planet Sock Monkey Review!

Disclaimer: I was provided Long Sock Silver and Magenta Beetsch from Patch Products to facilitate this review. All opinions in the post below are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Please do your own research before committing to purchase a product or service as your opinions may vary.

While I'm nearly 24 years old (next month is my birthday), I'm still a big kid at heart. Ask anyone! I love to build blanket forts, own a crayon tower and at least three different coloring books, have a bag of tinker toys, and I still watch cartoons.

That's why when given the opportunity to review Patch Product's newest line of kid's toys, I'm proud to say I was pretty darn excited!

Cue Planet Sock Monkey and their not-so-traditional line of sock monkey characters!

"Planet Sock Monkey™ is a limited edition, collectible soft doll line full of bold style and unconventional attitude, daring to go where no monkey has gone before. Each 10" knit sock monkey comes clothed in its signature, detailed fashion and features a unique accessory. These characters are only available for a limited time, so snatch them up before they hightail it outta here! But no worries, more characters will arrive to take their place…"

Planet Sock Monkey has a line of 6 alternative sock monkeys that are available:

-Ima Bananerd
-Eaton Dedd
-Long Sock Silver
-Magenta Beetsch
-Star Harmonkey

Each 10" knit sock monkey comes dressed in a signature style, complete with detailed quirky accessories.

Can you guess which two I was sent to review?!

Long Sock Silver is a dreaded looking pirate complete with eye patch, swashbuckling boots, and long silver sword.

As captain of the Black Banana (the biggest, beautifulest ship in the sea), his crew reveres him as a great adventurer and a hero!

You don't want to get in a tangle with this tough lookin' matey and his crew!

Quote from Long Sock Silver: "Bein' nefarious makes fer a good time!"

Magenta Beetch is one tough chick with her magenta colored hair, punk clothing, lip ring, and skull bag.

If you can be cool, you might want to check out her band, The Sweaty Socks, where you'll find Magenta laying down some rockin' drum beats!

Want something inked or pierced? Magenta is your monkey!

Quote from Magenta Beetsh: "You Only Live Once."

When they say these dolls are detailed, they aren't kidding! I was pretty surprised when they arrived; The unique clothing, the hair, the matching accessories...I mean Magenta Beetch even has a lip ring which I thought was pretty neat.

Each sock monkey definitely has a unique personality which shines through their description, apparel, and little details like the bio Patch Products includes on their packaging and the small accessory that comes with each monkey.

Overall they're very well constructed but I do think the warning label for 8 years and older is a good one; Unfortunately Long Sock Silver's hook was detached when it arrived to me and while that's no issue to fix on my end, it can be hazardous to younger children if that happened to them!

Long Sock Silver and Magenta Beetsch just monkeying around!

If you're interested in collecting all 6 of these sock monkey characters, make sure to to so soon. These characters are only available for a limited time and will be replaced with a whole new set of fun, edgy monkeys before you know it!



Krafty Max Originals said...

OMG, I love the one with purple hair!!! They are just toooooo cute!! Thank you for sharing them! ~KM

XmasDolly said...

These are too too cute and your Post made them even cuter. I would love to get a couple of those for my youngest grandson (he likes stuff like that) & my granddaughter she's such a cutie pie & she's not around that often so I always like to give her something to remember NaNee! :(

Unknown said...

they are soooo cute!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...these are too cute!! I want to make some with my girls now.
The Pirate one is my fave.

tat2gurlzrock said...

Those are adorable!