Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Health Update Thursday(10/24)

As much as I would have loved to blog throughout this week (believe me, I have some really neat posts in store for the upcoming weeks) and keep up with everything I need to get done, at the beginning of the week my body suddenly said, 'Oh no, let's not.'

Hence why I've been MIA this past week. Although while you guys see no activity from your end, from my end it's pure chaos!

Combine all the posts that need to be written (reviews and giveaways included), nearly 500+ emails to sort through yet again, social media to update, jewelry to list, homework to do...Add on top of that my body boycotting me and it has gotten to be quite stressful as of late.

While I'm thankful the leg weakness is currently at a minimum, this crippling fatigue can take a hike! Take right now for instance; I have all this stuff that I can be doing and it's taking everything I have just to get through this post and not cry from the fatigue.

The weather has changed here in Illinois to very overcast and cold (we did see our first snowflakes of the season yesterday. Ick!), so with that comes more joint pain and headaches.

Something has been up with my eyes as well; the past week they've been 'tired' and things like the computer and books are getting too fuzzy to read. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it can't be good. An eye doctor appointment is going to be needed within the next month or so if this doesn't let up.

I went and saw a new doctor yesterday and I'm quite excited to say this one holds a lot of promise! The first thing she did after getting my history and the things I'm doing is lean towards to natural route with lots of herbs, supplements, and she even recommended I go back to acupuncture again.

I'm still cautious when it comes to new doctors, however I'm cautiously optimistic that I may have found myself a new primary.

That is my current status in a nutshell and now I'm going to go to bed before I start to cry. Or pass out. Or both.


XmasDolly said...

My poor Sweetheart: I'll add you to my prayers once again, and include you tomorrow morning when I light a candle for my Aunt Mitzi. They're giving her new wires in her pacemaker. She fell ill again & is in the hospital & they decided that's what the problem was. She is going to be 90 next month God Bless her. YOu rest and get better. Blogging is not as important as you getting better & good luck with that new doctor. I hope she's the best for you!

Krafty Max Originals said...

I hope that things get better for you over the next few days. I wish that you could live in FLorida... you'd never have to worry about cold!! :) Feel better soon, we miss you!!! ~KM

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Oh Kayla I am sorry to hear your not feeling on form and that the cold has got to you again.. You sound like you need lots of rest, an eye test is needed, or they might just be strained if you have been overdoing working on the computer.
My fingers are crossed that your new doctor can give you some relief, sending you a big hug and lots of positive vibes.. We are off to India next week for a month so if Igo quiet you will know why.
much love Chrissie xxxx

Unknown said...

Sending lots of good vibes, wishes, and wishes your way! And I do hope your new doctor is a wonder and helps you feel better. I think it would be great if you lived somewhere warmer also -- FL, AZ, southern CA -- anywhere you wouldn't have to experience the bitter winter cold!!


XmasDolly said...

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you're feeling better & if you want to go with us to Aunt Mitzi's birthday party come to my house in the afternoon. We can chat until it's time to go & then you can stay overnight & go home the next day! :) You'll meet the whole family & tons of food! hehehe

Colette S said...

I agree with you on the cold weather in a half way. Ick.
And then it's good for us because LA is brutal when hot and diaper pans and kitty pans stink more.

Now I'm glad you have a new doctor. I pray this one will live up to the promises.


Unknown said...

Oh dear, I sure hope you feel better by now. As for the posts to write and emails to sort through....all I can say is that it's ok to take a break!