Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker Review & Creative Project #BICMarkIt

Disclaimer: I was provided a full-sized 36-pack of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers and a project-supply kit from in order to facilitate the below review. I will also be entered in to the BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker Pin It To Win It Sweepstakes with my project entry. All opinions expressed in the post are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Please do your own research  before committing to buy a product or service because your opinions may vary.

Being in college is definitely part of a person's life that can be undeniably exciting, opening a new chapter as well as sad because you're simultaneously closing another. It can be freeing if you're moving far away from home and scary because you're venturing off on your own for the first time ever in your life.

Add stressful, chaotic, and life-altering to that list of adjectives someone can, and inevitably does, feel and that about sums up the college experience!

BIC Mark-It wants to make the college experience a little better one colorful marker at a time with their permanent markers.

"Permanent Markers offer long-lasting color and durable nibs that are great for marking on surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, wood, photos, oily and damp surfaces. All markers contain acid-free ink, no added acid; no measurable pH. And with 36 colors, the creative possibilities are endless!"

With 36 colors in their BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker set, you only have to pick up a single marker and the creative ideas start flowing which can be a perfect inspiration for those tough college projects students inevitably come across throughout many of their classes.

The Project

Thanks to BIC Mark-It and, I was sent a whole set of their 36 exceptionally vivid colors in a convenient fold-over case to play with along with several other goodies to aid in the creative processes: two small canvases, three different colored ribbon rolls, and three different colored glitter pens.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to utilize the ribbons or glitter in this specific project, but the rest was fair game along with a few of my own additions!

The Process

Let the creative juices flow!

Working with the markers was a lot of things-enjoyable, easy to use, fun, and oh-so colorful are just a few that pop immediately to mind. I used paper (newspaper and computer paper) and the mini canvases I was sent for this particular project and the markers worked beautifully for each of those two mediums. I honestly can't wait to see how they'll work for many others!

Considering permanent markers have somewhat of a bleed when working with paper, I ran into that problem throughout my project which got to be a little frustrating, but it all ended up working out in the end.

While I wasn't able to incorporate the ribbon or glitter in this project, I contributed several things from my own creative stash including various buttons that matched the colorful markers, colorful seed beads, newspaper, and some gorgeous silver chain from my jewelry making stash.

I wanted the colors of the markers to be the main focus along with my creative vision and I think those two focuses were perfectly met (if I do say so myself that is)!

The Results


I really love the look of multimedia so I opted to try my hand at a multimedia project and I really love the way it turned out! When in college, sometimes the stress, frustration, and chaotic go-go-go lifestyle can get to you. During those tough times, this project is supposed to be a reminder to just BE...

Be inspiring.
Be strong.
Be ferocious.
Be beautiful.
Be gleeful.
Be colorful.

Just BE.

What's YOUR just be?
Just Be ________.



Krafty Max Originals said...

be.... inspred
be..... inspiring!

YOUR be creations are amazing!!! GREAT job!! My daughter wants to know if you are going to make them to sell...she wants one!! :) ~KM

Unknown said...

I love this!!! so amazing and bright.
this would be something so fun to do with my girls. we are in the midst of a bedroom makeover - this would be a perfect project.

Be inspired - I like that one.
I like: Be Fearless

Unknown said...

BE Blessed! Love what you came up with!!

Cindy said...

Kayla, looks like you had a lot of fun with your multimedia project! I like your positive message: Be Inspiring, Be Lovable, Be Strong! :-) I second that.