Thursday, September 12, 2013

Health Update Thursday(9/12)

As many of you have noticed over the past couple months, I've taken quite the bloggy hiatus and have been pretty absent from the interwebs! Part of me wishes to apologize at my absence, but a bigger part of me does not; while I truly did miss blogging and connecting with my friends, fans, and readers, it felt so good to be out enjoying 'real life.'

The good news is that I was able to fully enjoy 'real life' from the end of March until about the beginning of September, which, if some of you know my situation, is HUGE for me!

I had the chance to explore new and exciting things, found my passion for exercise and was up to exercising 3 to 4 times a week, took 3 trips into Chicago for different events (to be blogged about in the coming future), met new friends and hung out with them all quite frequently, danced like nobody was watching, fell hesitantly in love again (also to be blogged about very soon)....

In the nearly 10 years I've been sick, I've never had a stretch of time so jam packed with 'normal' 20-something year old things before and I drank in every. single. bit. I even decided to go for it and sign up for a few college classes at the local community college I've been attending on and off for the past 5 years.

Fast forward to the beginning of August. I know my body and when I woke up one morning, I knew something was different. I felt different; I felt more fatigued then usual and my pain level was a wee bit high. I attributed it to lack of sleep and figured if I took care of myself a little better, I'd be back up and go-go-going again in no time.

But with the changing of the seasons and the coming Fall, in the back of my mind I knew this was inevitable.

The annual relapse.

Since then, I've slowed down considerably from my go-go-go self. I had to recently break out Rollin' Blue Thunder a.k.a RBT (the walker) on occasion. The pain level the last few days has gotten quite high and doesn't seem to want to let up. The fatigue is a daily drain and has me back to explaining to people in Spoon Theory.

All in all, things are pretty touch and go yet again.

I, however, am in better spirits then I would be and have been in years past when this inevitably happened because of the good memories I made and the things I got to experience this year. Knowing I've had the best year yet gives me hope things will just keep getting better; slowly of course, but that's how and why you learn to thoroughly enjoy the good times when they're presented to you.

Love you all!


Liz Mays said...

It is just so good to see you blogging again, but I'm sorry you had this relapse. I love your spirit and fight though and I also love your walker's name! Hahaha!

On another note, what the heck? You were at BlogHer and I didn't get to meet you? Marie told me you were there. Boohoo!

XmasDolly said...

Hi my girl! What am I going to do with you! Just keep sending healing hugs I guess. I haven't been up to speed either we must be in sypmpathy for each other maybe I'll do a nice big blog post, of BlogHer... hehehe That might pick up both our spirits! Hugs... Miss you and get better asap HUGS BIG HUGE HUGS & SMOOOOOOCHES TOO WANNA PLAY BINGO... bwahahahahhahahha

Unknown said...

Kayla, I'm so happy you had a good summer and got to enjoy some "real life", LOL. One of these days, I really want to go to BlogHer and then we could meet, which would be so cool. I also love and admire your tenacious spirit and fire.

Sending virtual hugs your way, hang in there, I hope you are feeling better SOON!!!!!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed following the "good time" on facebook. Sorry you are having a relapse, but I pray that good times come again soon!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I am happy that you had a good stretch of time to enjoy like a 20-something should. Are your relapses affected by the change of seasons? I know nothing about Lyme's Disease. Would iron supplements help to fight the fatigue? Well, I hope you can get this back under control more quickly and not so debilitated by this disorder. Saying a prayer for you, Sweetie! Thanks for visiting. I'll be answering your lovely email in just a few minutes. Hugs!