Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday(5/15)

I'm joining up with Rebecca of Everyday Life in her journey to get fit and be healthier and happier! 
 Now that I've started getting active, I think the best way to STAY active is by holding myself accountable; Weigh in Wednesday will help me do that and hopefully inspire all of YOU to get active, too!


Week in Rewind

  • The day started off slow but towards the later afternoon I was able to go out with a friend and play my first game of 'frolf' (frisbee golf) on an 18 'hole' course and then go for a long evening walk when I got home.

  • Was able to head down to Dekalb for a friend's photography gallery show and did a lot of on-my-feet (in heels mind you) helping and mingling for several hours. After that we all went out to the bar (changed into my roos) and danced the night away!

  •  Needed to recoop from Thursday so no exercise today.

  • Was feeling super anxious all day so I ended up going on a long walk in the evening around my neighborhood, getting lost, and wandering until I found something that looked familiar. LOL

  •  Drove 3 hours up to Wisconsin to see my sister, packed up most of her stuff from college for about an hour and a half, and drove 3 hours back home.

  •  Didn't do much during the day but I hung out with a friend towards the evening and we ended up going on a long walk and playing on a nearby playground.

  • Pulled a double today-Pole at 5pm and yoga at 6pm! Finally hit the Superman, too!

Food Report

I must say I didn't do TOO horribly on my food consumption this week prior to the past two or so weeks, but it still wasn't the BEST either. I've noticed that I can eat a lot of the 'crap' without having one of my normal bad reactions to it, which is exactly why I have continued to eat like this *shameshame*

I still feel pretty run down after I eat something I'm not supposed to though so I'm really trying hard to get back on the bandwagon with 80/20 rule: 80% clean, 20% crap.

Goals: This Week vs. Last Week

Last Week's Goals:

1. Drink 4 8oz glasses of water a day SUCCESS!
2. Cut down on my sugar intake SUCCESS!
3. Recite my positive affirmations before I wake up every morning and before I go to bed every night FAIL

This Week's Goals:

1. Drink 4 8oz glasses of water a day
2. Stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to food
3. Weather permitting, try to take a walk around the neighborhood everyday


Have a healthy, happy and active day everyone ^.^


Colette S said...

I need to do more on the water drinking too.

Good luck with the week's goal.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're on the right track! Keep at it!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Great goals to have Kayla. I'm curious as to why you're limiting your water in-take to only 4-8oz glasses. Did you know to stay properly hydrated, your body needs at least half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you're 120lbs, then you 60oz of water for the day. Just wanted to throw that out there for you.

I think it's awesome you're holding yourself accountable in Blogosphere with your weekly posts. From the sound of things, you're doing ok.

Once I am over this hump with my recovery, then I really need to crack the whip and get myself back on track. My health situation has really thrown me off base big time.

Thanks for stopping by with your well-wishes and don't worry that you did not know. I didn't make things public and then the whole sudden hospitalization took me quite by surprise.

Have an awesome Memorial weekend!