Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weighing In Wednesday(4/9)

I'm joining up with Rebecca of Everyday Life in her journey to get fit and be healthier and happier! 
 Now that I've started getting active, I think the best way to STAY active is by holding myself accountable; Weigh in Wednesday will help me do that and hopefully inspire all of YOU to get active, too!


Week in Rewind


  • None


  •  Evening yoga class for 1 hour. Worked on stretching legs, arms, and shoulders, learned warrior I, II, and III poses, and got into Tripod Pose!


  •  45 minutes of yoga


  •  45 minutes of yoga and core strengthening exercises; broke a wee bit of a sweat so we'll see if I can sweat some more!


  • I was feeling particularly scatterbrained today, so I made sure to challenge myself with a nice hour long stretching and yoga routine; worked on core strength, flexibility, shoulder and arm strength and relaxation. 


  • Does a lot of shopping count?! Body is feeling very slow and listless today so took it easy after I got home from shopping and hope to start back up tomorrow!


  • Unfortunately I didn't get to do any yoga but visited a farm, went fishing and did a lot of walking--Hey, being active is being active!


  •  Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! You never realize how large a Sam's Club or Cosco is until you wander down ALL of their isles.


  •  I must admit, I was a little lazy today in the morning. However when 6pm rolled around, I was yoga-ing it up in class! I'm so close from taking my tripod to a headstand!

Food Report

I was doing VERY good eating wise until Monday rolled around. My dad belongs to a sportsman's club in the area and it was their Annual Wild Game Feed Dinner. For those of you who're not sure what that is, it's pretty much a potluck with wild game being a central component of the dishes you bring to pass.

The food wasn't the issue though; It was the dessert table....

I pretty much overdid it on wheat, gluten, dairy AND sugar, all of which I either cannot have or have to have in limited quantities. And for those of you who know the steps, once you splurge after doing well on a diet, it's hard to stop that giant rolling ball already set in motion.

Thursday I started back on my 'diet' for lack of a better word and I'm stickin' to it!

Goals: This Week vs. Last Week

Since I just joined in on Weight In Wednesday, I don't have any goals to accomplish from last week, however what better time to set some goals for this coming week?

This Week's Goals:

1. Drink 6 8oz glasses of water a day
2. Try to make at least one healthy meal for myself and my family this week
3. Recite my positive affirmations before I wake up every morning and before I go to bed every night


Within the next coming weeks I'll take before pictures of myself and try to figure out my current measurements!

Have a healthy, happy and active day everyone ^.^


Rebecca said...

thank you for the support and hooking up. Looks like you had a good week and yoga looks fun. How are feeling otherwise? has the pain decreased?

Corinne said...

What yoga workouts do you do? Do you go to a class, follow a video or do your own? I love yoga but don't do it nearly enough because the classes at my gym are too crowded and I don't have a good one to follow at home.

Unknown said...

I would love to know what type of yoga workouts you do! I'm going to try my best to link up next week!

Cathy Kennedy said...

It's great to have goals. This week I'm getting serious with resistant training. I have my target weight within a few pounds, but now have to build some muscles. It just takes tenacity to get over the initial startup to your diet/exercise routine and then it'll feel like second nature to you. Best of luck to you in obtaining your heart's desire!

ReviewsSheRote said...

Doing good I think- Every bit helps...and if you have one bad day ---just don;t stay down get back into it the next day. I herd The Rock say he's work-out routine has one cheat day.

Unknown said...

Go you! I'm spending lots of time on my feet and walking at work and is definitely helping....that reminds me that I need to make a weight update soon!

Unknown said...

Keep it up! You are doing wonderful, and helping to get me more motivated! I would love to start Yoga again! It always made me feel so good spiritually, mentally and physically!

Pfister Faucets said...

Good luck to both of you on your fitness goals - you're already taking a positive step by sharing your journey with friends. Thanks for being a Friend of Pfister!

Colette S said...

Way to go girl!
Maybe I should do something like this!