Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Moves Me Monday(4/22)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 137th week!

This meme is hosted by a group of seriously great people-Dolly of XmasDolly, Stacie of Stacie Uncorked, Callie of JAmericanSpice, and of course we can't forget Cathy of Cathy Kennedy's Blog!

Also, introducing this month's honorary volunteer co-conductor, Naila Moon from Just The Stuff You Know!

Here are the rules if you wanted to participate::

First step: Run over to You Tube, (or wherever), and lock and load! Get your pick for the theme of the week.

Second Step: Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" button::


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Seeing as today is Earth Day, this week's very appropriate theme is anything having to do with the planet, plants, animals, weather, etc.

Anything that pays tribute to Our Mother ^.^

Today's choice, song AND video, couldn't be more perfect for the theme in my opinion. Plus you can't go wrong with Disney.



Circle of Life--The Lion King

If you're viewing this post through email, you can view the video Here.

Don't forget to sign the linky!

Have a musical week everyone! 


Unknown said...

Aww..what a great choice!

XmasDolly said...

Great job my sweet CD! Luvin' this song in fact I believe I just put akuta mata last week on a Thankful Thursday & a song. Hahaha What a perfect song for today and not one person thought of this one! Way ta go! YOU ROCK! Okay gotta go play it again! HEHEHEHE

Colette S said...

Ooh I love the Lion King theme song! Perfect choice!

Have a blessed week girl!

Unknown said...

Love the song

Cathy Kennedy said...

Excellent song for Earth's Day! This has been a fun musical week for us on 4M. Thanks for meeting us on the dance floor!