Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Passion Never Lost: I'm a Pole Chick!

Inside this door, past the cute little antique shop you'll find to your right as you pass and straight down the hall is a place I feel at home in and have for quite some time. Of course, this is the third studio the owner has moved to in the past 3 years, but despite the physical change of scenery, the feeling of comfort and of being somewhere you belong has never faded.

Back in March of 2010, one of my friends invited me to go to a local pole dancing fitness studio with her to take a class. She had been to a few classes prior and said that it was tremendous fun and a great work out.

If you know me, you know I immediately jumped at the chance!

To say I was hooked my first class would be a gross understatement. Once I learned the basics, the pole lifestyle had grabbed a hold of my brain and wouldn't let go. That first class was a gateway to a bigger passion I'd discover and cultivate little by little before, during, and after every class I took after that.

When I became ill a few months later, I unfortunately had to give up my pole fitness classes, the insane workouts I got, and the friends I had met. The passion for the pole never faded though; they say withdrawals get better over time but these withdrawals of mine never ceased even after nearly a year and a half to two years!

When I turned my new leaf recently, one of my short term goals was to be able to go back to what I truly love doing: pole dancing. The best news is after nearly 2 long years away, I'm back and, who would have guessed it, better than I ever was.

Here's a little peek into my comfortable little pole world...

While some things have stayed the same, many have changed. New pad, new poles (I've got to get used to these spinning poles!), new (awesome) teachers. Probably my favorite change: new equipment!

Look at that beautiful aerial ribbon!!

Just another one of my goals--to be strong and coordinated enough to take on that bad boy. And you haven't even seen the aerial hoop they've had up on occasion yet ;)

Thursday was the first of many classes I'll be taking at Pole Chicks! I even went ahead and bought myself a month pass, so I'm all set until May.

All I can say is......I'M BACK!


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I love that you will take on this. It sounds like you are enjoying feeling free to be you again.
~Naila Moon

Unknown said...

That's awesome that you're back at it again! It's great to be able to enjoy your passion.

Unknown said...

good for you Kayla! I'm happy you're able to pick back up something you love so much!

Terra Heck said...

I'm glad you're back to doing something that you love. I've never been to a pole dance class. Sounds interesting.