Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Me Halfway: A Hamptonability Moment

My first relationship (we'll classify it a relationship for post purposes) was a long distance relationship and even though it was back when I was 18, it was definitely difficult.

While the relationship only lasted 3 or so months, I can honestly say part of the reason it ended was because of the long distance factor. Regardless, that really wasn't the greatest relationship to begin with--Chalk it up to being young, living and learning, we'll move on...

I give MAJOR kudos to those who can keep up a healthy relationship while being miles away from one another. Not only does it take two strong, like-minded people, but there are other factors to think about; gas prices, scheduling conflicts, work and of course places to stay.

In their latest Hamptonability Moments video, Hampton Hotel shares the story of Sarah and Justin who have been in a long distance relationship due to promotions at different jobs. "Meet Me Halfway" is all about seeing the couple meeting at a halfway location and staying at a Hamton Hotem in Scranton, PA, sharing their experiences with the hotel, and enjoying a few great surprises together.

With over 1,800 locations in North America, no matter your destination the Hampton experience is nearby.

Keep watching for more Hamptonability Moments featuring real life guests and the moments that made their stay especially wonderful!


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