Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Moves Me Monday(2/18)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 129th week!

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Also, introducing this month's honorary volunteer co-conductor, Becca from Everyday Life!

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Another week, another freebie them! 

I haven't featured some Iron & Wine in awhile, so I thought a song from them was way overdo.

Enjoy ^.^

Half Moon--Iron & Wine

If you're viewing this post through email, you can view the video Here.

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Danielle S said...

What a beautiful song. I loved it--has a great beat, and its soothing. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day,

Stacy Uncorked said...

What a great song, Kayla! I've never heard of them before - thanks for the intro...loved it! :) Have a great week! :)

2 Black Cadillacs in Beautiful Daylight, Sure Be Cool If You Did visit my Southern Comfort Zone

XmasDolly said...

Okay this is a new one for me. Interesting for sure! Learn something new every day! Hugs for joining us and ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND! I think I'll go play this one again! :) Thanks for joining us and next time bring a friend :)

Run DMT said...

Love Iron and Wine! Great song!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Never hear them before.
Very nice indeed.
~Naila Moon

Cathy Kennedy said...

Iron & Wine sorta have that 70s folk sound. They are new-to-me, but ya know I'm always open to new tunes and I'm always guaranteed to get a healthy dose of musical education on freebie week on Monday's Music Moves Me.

Thanks for joining us on the dance floor! ;)

Colette S said...

Hmm new one for me and very nice.

Thank you.

HOpe you are doing alright. *Hugs

Rebecca said...

congrats on being in the spotlight and what a great song hadn't heard it before