Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Fulfilling Happiness & the Legend Betty White

There are certain things that I want to do before I die. We can say if I get these particular things done within my lifetime, by the time my 'time' is up, I can go with a big ol' smile on my face!

I don't quite have a physical list put together of said things that I want to do, but I can tell you a few off the top of my head...

-Travel the world.
-Participate in roller derby.
-Be an extra in a movie.
-Do a marathon.
-Marry my wonderful soulmate.

Oh, and one of the biggies: Meet Betty 'My Goddess' White!

While I can't say I know every single thing about her and her life, I CAN definitely say I'm a big fan of hers! I swear, if I could meet and possibly hug Betty White, I could die tomorrow and my life would be fulfilled *knock wood of course*

So, that being said, what is the next best thing to actually meeting Betty White?

Getting. Her. Autograph!

You read those 3 words absolutely correctly; I am now in the possession of a legitimate Betty White autographed picture thanks to my wonderful friend Emily, an equally as big fan of hers as I am.

For my birthday this past November, Emily actually went online and found an address to send a self addressed envelope with pictures you want autographed to Betty White. She was told it might take awhile, but Betty responds personally, autographing each picture and sending them back to the people who requested them.

Emily sent two pictures back in March of 2012 hoping they'd come back before my birthday, but alas, November 17th came and went and still no pictures. Fast forward two months and she got a little package with a return address of Mrs. Betty White!

To Kayla LOVE Betty White

Yes, I'm quite happy. How could you tell?!

This was probably THE best present someone could ever give me! I was afraid when I saw and held my picture, I'd actually cry. No worries though, I never ended up crying, but I did get awe struck and a wee bit teary eyed when I held it. LOL

Now all I need is to get a beautiful frame for this beautiful and important picture! Maybe even a few spotlights to shine on it.

I'm just kidding about the spotlights. Maybe ;)

Kayla, Emily & Betty White


Silvergirl said...

wow!!! no words to say... :P
checking you here..
.god bless sweety

Terra Heck said...

That was super nice of your friend to get an autograph for you. These days, you'd be hard pressed to find celebrities that actually do autographs that are requested to their address. So it's super cool that Betty White did it. She's definitely an icon.

Kathleen W. said...

As that's sweet! And I've had a secret Wish to do roller derby someday too. I'm getting old though so I'd better get on it.

Cathy Kennedy said...

This is tee-totally cool! Betty White is so funny. What a nice bday present from your friend. =D

Unknown said...

You go girl, that's SWEET!!

Colette S said...

Seriously girl, that' is awesome!!

You have a very thoughtful, wonderful friend and I'm so glad another of your dreams came through!