Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health Update on Wednesday

I usually save these kinds of updates and information for my Health Update Thursdays, however since I'm unsure of what's going to happen in the next few days I feel it's important to let my friends, family and followers know what's going on with me.

As you can tell, I've been absent from the interwebs lately and my postings and social media appearances are sporadic at best. I do have good reason, though!

The past few weeks have been really rough for me health wise and this last week has escalated from rough to downright unbearable with hours and days of relentless 8 to 10 pain levels. It got so bad a few times we were ready to rush me to the emergency room just to see if something could be done, and if you know my family and I, you know we NEVER do that.

We also went from walking to crawling to being completely bedbound unable to move at times due to the severity of the pain.

As it always seems, this problem focuses around my 'lady bits' and that special time of the month, however instead of the normal week for most woman, this has been going on about a month now even though I never actually got my period.

After a long wait, we were able to go visit the OBGYN yesterday (1/29) where he did a vaginal ultrasound and, drum roll please....FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING!

After a year of being in and out of excruciating pain, in and out of hospitals and immediate cares, seeing different doctors and having a multitude of tests run with all of it ultimately coming back as 'we didn't find anything wrong,' we finally have validation.

The doc found a 1 inch cyst within the left ovary (yes, IN it) and a bunch of fluid in the pelvic area that definitely wasn't supposed to be there. By the time the test was over I was sobbing due to the pain I was in.

Seeing everything he did, he agreed that something needed to be done!

Blood work was taken, a CT scan is scheduled for today at 2:30 and I'm going in on Friday to have a exploratory laparoscopy done which is a simple outpatient surgery so, aside from normal surgery risks, should go smoothly with no hospital stay.

So far, all we know is of the cyst and fluid but that's enough for me! I plan on doing my best to keep everyone posted on what's happening, but please keep in mind my online presence is going to be a little scattered the next few days.

Any advice, input, words of encouragement, or energies and prayers are greatly appreciated!

As always, thank you all for being so patient and understanding.


Jill said...

If I could be there to hold your hand I would :) My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Terra Heck said...

I'm glad to hear you finally have an idea of what's going on. Prayers your way that all works out well and the doctor helps you.

XmasDolly said...

You were going to e-mail me, but it's okay I thoroughly understand please give your Mom my e-mail address I would like to be kept up if you can't... I shall do a Post for you if you like to let everyone know whatever you want. My prayers and my Angels are sent to you, and to watch over you. They do work miracles you know. I leave you in the Lord's hands because it's evident that those practicing physicians you found are about as good as mine. I hope you found some REAL doctors for today and this out-patient thingy! Take my love and prayers with you. I feel so bad that you have to go through all this!!! HEALING HUGS SENT YOU'RE WAY & Prayers with your family too! I know they're worried about you as much as I am. xxooxx

Unknown said...

sending lots of prayers your way.

Olivia R said...

I am glad the doctor found something, even though it is a cyst, it confirms possibly why you have had to endure such pain. Best of luck

Barbara said...

Hugs and prayers for you, Kayla!

Unknown said...

Healing thoughts to you my friend! I know it's weird, but I'm happy they found something, now hopefully they will be able to take care of it and you will finally see the end of it!!! {HUGS}

AnnaZed said...

Heavens! How dreadful; at least now you know what is wrong, right? Get well and God speed.

Rebecca said...

sending you light and love and lots of good energy

crystal said...

Aww,poor sweetie! I am happy that they finally found what is causing you so much pain.Now i hope they can help you. Good luck and many healing hugs!!

Unknown said...

Cysts = no fun at all!

So sorry for your pain, but it must be a relief to have some sort of answer.

Sending good vibes for your speedy (painless) recovery.

XmasDolly said...

Sneaking in! Looking this... KAYLA? Looking that way... KAYLA? Looking up... KAYYYYYY LAAAAAA??? sniff --sniff kayla>>???? No Kayla???? :(( Where's my Kayla?>? :(( Missing my Kayla!!! Hope you're doing better! Love, Cyber-Mom

Colette S said...

You know you are in my prayers love. *HUGS* So glad now they can work on something.

Teena in Toronto said...

Poor you! I hope they can take of it for you.