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Guest Post: Pain Relief & Aerobic Benefits of an Exercise Bike

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Pain Relief and Aerobic Benefits of an Exercise Bike

Bicycling is one of the aerobic exercises that most people can do either at their own subdivisions, the local parks or just about everywhere. There are also stationary cycling machines at the gym that you can utilize and pedal for your regular workout. However, to some, biking cause’s body pain and muscle ache. In this article, we will learn to counter the pain and discuss more benefits of an exercise bike.

How to Relieve Pain from Stationary Bicycles and Regular Bikes

Usually, people who use stationary bicycles suffer from back pain. If you are spending about 30 minutes or more of your time arching your back for the sake of cycling, you will build strength in the back of your muscles, leg, and abdomen. But unless you are at the right posture, have the proper bike setup and did the necessary strengthening and stretching exercises, you will feel stiffness and pain. Apart from warm-up exercises, you should always also cool down afterwards to prevent injuries.Chronic back pain when experienced frequently is bad for your spine. So you should find a more gentle way of doing this exercise for endurance.

To ease mobility and flexibility, you should first check the seat of the bike and its handlebars. Seat while not leaning too back. A good way to make sure that you are in the correct position while riding if is you are not extending your back and straining your back muscles while you cycle. It’s easy to adjust the stature of the bike and change for a more comfortable pose.

Another way of ensuring that you won’t feel pain is to get a recumbent bike. This is unlike the upright exercise bike so that you can get better support for your lower back and alignment for your pelvis. In riding the recumbent type of bicycle, you won’t target your abdomen and back muscles though but you can have a better focus on your range of motion. You can also be more guaranteed to be free of muscle spasms, strain and contraction.

Fitness Benefits of Bike Exercise

Aerobic exercise regardless of form naturally fights against pain. Examples of these are yoga, tai chi, swimming, light jogging, and brisk walking. This is because exercise and workouts trigger our body’s capillaries to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. When these are well-circulated, ongoing body pain will be healed quicker.Aerobic benefits of exercise bikes extend from muscular flexibility, improvement of your cardiovascular health and blood circulation to reducing anxiety.

Bicycling also helps to lessen your stress and depression levels, as the body releases endorphins contributing to an improved emotional health. It can as well potentially alleviate the risks of having heart disease, lower high blood pressure and at the same time decreases the chances of being inflicting with cancer and diabetes.

If you want to feel good and look good, opt to aerobic bicycling. It is ideal to have this form of exercise for thrice a week for 20-30 minutes each time. If you’re new at this, consider getting a trainer and health professional who can better recommend the bike for your use and how you can best execute the exercise. Through time, you will notice that you’ll have a faster heart rate that replenishes your body’s energy.


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Dr. Todd Luther works at Align Integrative Health in Washington. He comes from a family of health care practitioners including a medical doctor, OB Nurse and Nurse Midwife. Practicing since 2005, Dr. Luther is confident in providing the correct diagnosis, treating your problem or referring to the correct specialist.


Rebecca said...

great post I am one of those who use a stationary bike and have back pain from it so thank you

Unknown said...

That is very helpful. I used to have stationery bike but I wasn't able to use as I ached too much so I gave it up....wish I read something like this sooner!

Teena in Toronto said...

I usually bike when I go to the gym. I like the ones where I'm sitting upright rather than leaning.