Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Brief Valentine's Day History

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Last year flew by and I have a feeling this year is going to follow suit. It's nearly the end of January already which means Spring will be here before you know it (I certainly hope we'll get an early Spring this year!) and the one of the first holidays of the year will quickly be upon us...Valentine's Day.

While I don't really do a lot of the commercialism of these types of holidays except, of course, for Halloween, I truly appreciate the stories and meanings behind them.

Valentine's Day, for example, is in honor of several Saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of which were martyred; persecuted or killed for following or not following certain beliefs or causes.

One legend says one of the Saints actually sent the very first valentine to a young girl, potentially his jailor's daughter, whom he had fallen in love with. Supposedly the letter was signed "From your Valentine," a phrase still widely used today in association with Valentine's Day!

The holiday itself didn't become connected to romance and love until much later on; as far back as the middle ages in fact.

Fast forward to 2013 and people celebrate this romantic holiday with cards, chocolates and flowers among other things.

While I don't get into much of the 'festivities' of the holiday (much to my boyfriend's relief I might add), I do appreciate some good chocolates, especially those delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries above from Shari's Berries! Why stop there, though, when you can choose from chocolate covered cherries, cake pops, and foreign cookies, along with Valentine's Day related cookies, floral arrangements, wine and a plethora of other romantic and delicious treats. Not only that, but with these coupon codes you can use from Shari's Berries, you'll have V-Day covered for yourself or your loved one(s)!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post on behalf of Shari's Berries and their line of Valentine's Day products. I was monetarily compensated for my post.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Their berries are beyond delicious, and they have these petite cheesecakes which are so good too!

homejobsbymom said...

I love chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!!

Rebecca said...

love this not only was there chocolate in this post but i learned something new

Colette S said...

Ahh Valentines. Just another day to feel pressured to get gifts.

But I digress.

Thanks for sharing the history dahling.

Unknown said...

Very yummy! I don't do much either for Valentine's day, but I take chocolate any day :P

XmasDolly said...

Did I just gain five pounds??? Now you got to stop doing this especially when chocolate covered strawberries are my most favorite guilt trip! One day when I'm skinny and don't give a hoot I'm gonna try those! :) HAPPY SUNDAY BABY GIRL!