Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health Update on Wednesday

I usually save these kinds of updates and information for my Health Update Thursdays, however since I'm unsure of what's going to happen in the next few days I feel it's important to let my friends, family and followers know what's going on with me.

As you can tell, I've been absent from the interwebs lately and my postings and social media appearances are sporadic at best. I do have good reason, though!

The past few weeks have been really rough for me health wise and this last week has escalated from rough to downright unbearable with hours and days of relentless 8 to 10 pain levels. It got so bad a few times we were ready to rush me to the emergency room just to see if something could be done, and if you know my family and I, you know we NEVER do that.

We also went from walking to crawling to being completely bedbound unable to move at times due to the severity of the pain.

As it always seems, this problem focuses around my 'lady bits' and that special time of the month, however instead of the normal week for most woman, this has been going on about a month now even though I never actually got my period.

After a long wait, we were able to go visit the OBGYN yesterday (1/29) where he did a vaginal ultrasound and, drum roll please....FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING!

After a year of being in and out of excruciating pain, in and out of hospitals and immediate cares, seeing different doctors and having a multitude of tests run with all of it ultimately coming back as 'we didn't find anything wrong,' we finally have validation.

The doc found a 1 inch cyst within the left ovary (yes, IN it) and a bunch of fluid in the pelvic area that definitely wasn't supposed to be there. By the time the test was over I was sobbing due to the pain I was in.

Seeing everything he did, he agreed that something needed to be done!

Blood work was taken, a CT scan is scheduled for today at 2:30 and I'm going in on Friday to have a exploratory laparoscopy done which is a simple outpatient surgery so, aside from normal surgery risks, should go smoothly with no hospital stay.

So far, all we know is of the cyst and fluid but that's enough for me! I plan on doing my best to keep everyone posted on what's happening, but please keep in mind my online presence is going to be a little scattered the next few days.

Any advice, input, words of encouragement, or energies and prayers are greatly appreciated!

As always, thank you all for being so patient and understanding.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Moves Me Monday(1/28)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 126th week!

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The Elements.

  When I heard this weeks theme, I kept hearing the lyrics to a song in my head but I couldn't quite place it. I FINALLY placed the song and it was perfect for today!


Rain--Nora Jones

Have a musical week everyone! 

Mailbox Monday(1/28)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


Can you guess what this is?!

I'll give you a hint: It's some sort of plant object that I get to review...

Curious yet? ;)

My first win of the new year came this week thanks to Amanda of The Nutritionist Reviews!

She always has the greatest giveaways :)

This one was 3 Artisan bags of Ambrosial Organic Granola!


This was quite an interesting arrival at my doorstep.

A Stella Artois drinking chalice!

Don't get me wrong, I love Stella; I just have NO clue where this came from and why.

What did YOU get in the mail this week?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Brief Valentine's Day History

{Image Credit}

Last year flew by and I have a feeling this year is going to follow suit. It's nearly the end of January already which means Spring will be here before you know it (I certainly hope we'll get an early Spring this year!) and the one of the first holidays of the year will quickly be upon us...Valentine's Day.

While I don't really do a lot of the commercialism of these types of holidays except, of course, for Halloween, I truly appreciate the stories and meanings behind them.

Valentine's Day, for example, is in honor of several Saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of which were martyred; persecuted or killed for following or not following certain beliefs or causes.

One legend says one of the Saints actually sent the very first valentine to a young girl, potentially his jailor's daughter, whom he had fallen in love with. Supposedly the letter was signed "From your Valentine," a phrase still widely used today in association with Valentine's Day!

The holiday itself didn't become connected to romance and love until much later on; as far back as the middle ages in fact.

Fast forward to 2013 and people celebrate this romantic holiday with cards, chocolates and flowers among other things.

While I don't get into much of the 'festivities' of the holiday (much to my boyfriend's relief I might add), I do appreciate some good chocolates, especially those delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries above from Shari's Berries! Why stop there, though, when you can choose from chocolate covered cherries, cake pops, and foreign cookies, along with Valentine's Day related cookies, floral arrangements, wine and a plethora of other romantic and delicious treats. Not only that, but with these coupon codes you can use from Shari's Berries, you'll have V-Day covered for yourself or your loved one(s)!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post on behalf of Shari's Berries and their line of Valentine's Day products. I was monetarily compensated for my post.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 *Review*

{Image Credit}
Movie Synopsis: 

After what felt like so long, Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) finally has everything she's ever wanted: Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and his existance.

She's finally a vampire.

She also has something she didn't count on; a beautiful half-vampire half-human child, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy).

After a rough awakening and meeting her daughter for the first time, things are going absolutely wonderful for the Cullen Family except for the mystery of Renesmee. As they go on with their day to day life trying to figure out why she's growing so rapidly and what the outcome will be, they, along with family friend and werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) just enjoy the magic and beauty Renesmee adds to their lives.

Until one day a terrible mistake is made that summons the corrupt lawmakers of the vampire world, The Volturi, to pay the Cullens an ominous visit.

Taking to far away friends and acquaintances to help prove their innocence while ultimately preparing for a battle that nobody wants to fight but unfortunately looks imminent, will all their effort prove futile?

{Image Credit}
My Thoughts:

I've been a fan of the Twilight books since before the movies were even a thought. I fawned over the first and second movie, but after that, I started to lose interest and so it really doesn't hurt me to say I hated this movie. 

I don't normally throw out the big H word, but yes ladies and gentleman, I said hated this movie

And if you've seen the movie already, not for the reasons you probably think!

The first movie was low budget and they knew that; they worked with that. This particular movie just seemed to try TOO hard to be a blockbusting hit and it was an epic fail in my opinion. 

While the acting really isn't the best in the world, I've gotten used to that throughout the last four movies.

The graphics were completely fake looking throughout the whole film, which made the movie look totally unrealistic.

As for the storyline, while it followed the novel, it was very minimally. It felt like the story was too rushed and a lot that could have been added that would have built up the plot better and made things a little more clear for those who had not read the book were left out.

Ironically, I quite enjoyed the big 'twist' that was added even though it wasn't originally in the book. I think it added a depth to the story that the book couldn't have.

All in all, I was very disappointed with this final chapter in the Twilight Saga and probably will not be seeing this movie again anytime soon.


Disclaimer:: I was in no way compensated for the above post. This is an opinion solely based on my thoughts and opinions of the movie in question and no one elses. I was not influenced one way or another to write the subject matter in this review, so if you don't like it or don't agree with it, that is your choice and I fully respect it so please extend me the same courtesy.

Music Moves Me Monday(1/21)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 125th week!

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  We're back to every other week being freebies! 

This one is dedicated to a special birthday boy...
He's MY hero with a capital H :)


Capital H--Motion City Soundtrack

Have a musical week everyone! 

Day by Day: Happy Birthday Baby!

To a very special young man whose 22nd birthday happens to be today... 

Day by Day

Written by Kayla Potega
Dedicated to the love of my life

I never knew you were wanted. 
Day by day, I was doing fine on my own. 

Twenty-some years of life before you, I had established my own normal.
And it was working. 
 Day by day, I was doing fine on my own.

I had come to terms with a life without someone like you. 
I thrived in that life, not knowing anything besides it. 
 Day by day, I was doing fine on my own.

Then you came and established a new normal. 
A picture seen. A text message answered. Three days you waited.
Excitement, fear and contemplation.
Day by day, things were changing. 

 It was easy and quick, falling in love with you. 
Charmed I was indeed by your sweetness. 
Smitten I absolutely was by your genuine heart. 
Enamored I rightly was by your true self.

Ups and downs like any real couple.
Good tears shed from feeling so overwhelmingly happy.
 Times I didn't know if we'd make it another day. 
Trust. Hope. Faith.
Day by day, we always get through it together.

I never knew I needed you. 
2 1/2 years later, we've established our own normal. 
And I can't imagine it any other way.
Day by day, I'll love you madly, truly and deeply....
Now, forever, and always.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Post: Pain Relief & Aerobic Benefits of an Exercise Bike

{Image Credit}

Pain Relief and Aerobic Benefits of an Exercise Bike

Bicycling is one of the aerobic exercises that most people can do either at their own subdivisions, the local parks or just about everywhere. There are also stationary cycling machines at the gym that you can utilize and pedal for your regular workout. However, to some, biking cause’s body pain and muscle ache. In this article, we will learn to counter the pain and discuss more benefits of an exercise bike.

How to Relieve Pain from Stationary Bicycles and Regular Bikes

Usually, people who use stationary bicycles suffer from back pain. If you are spending about 30 minutes or more of your time arching your back for the sake of cycling, you will build strength in the back of your muscles, leg, and abdomen. But unless you are at the right posture, have the proper bike setup and did the necessary strengthening and stretching exercises, you will feel stiffness and pain. Apart from warm-up exercises, you should always also cool down afterwards to prevent injuries.Chronic back pain when experienced frequently is bad for your spine. So you should find a more gentle way of doing this exercise for endurance.

To ease mobility and flexibility, you should first check the seat of the bike and its handlebars. Seat while not leaning too back. A good way to make sure that you are in the correct position while riding if is you are not extending your back and straining your back muscles while you cycle. It’s easy to adjust the stature of the bike and change for a more comfortable pose.

Another way of ensuring that you won’t feel pain is to get a recumbent bike. This is unlike the upright exercise bike so that you can get better support for your lower back and alignment for your pelvis. In riding the recumbent type of bicycle, you won’t target your abdomen and back muscles though but you can have a better focus on your range of motion. You can also be more guaranteed to be free of muscle spasms, strain and contraction.

Fitness Benefits of Bike Exercise

Aerobic exercise regardless of form naturally fights against pain. Examples of these are yoga, tai chi, swimming, light jogging, and brisk walking. This is because exercise and workouts trigger our body’s capillaries to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. When these are well-circulated, ongoing body pain will be healed quicker.Aerobic benefits of exercise bikes extend from muscular flexibility, improvement of your cardiovascular health and blood circulation to reducing anxiety.

Bicycling also helps to lessen your stress and depression levels, as the body releases endorphins contributing to an improved emotional health. It can as well potentially alleviate the risks of having heart disease, lower high blood pressure and at the same time decreases the chances of being inflicting with cancer and diabetes.

If you want to feel good and look good, opt to aerobic bicycling. It is ideal to have this form of exercise for thrice a week for 20-30 minutes each time. If you’re new at this, consider getting a trainer and health professional who can better recommend the bike for your use and how you can best execute the exercise. Through time, you will notice that you’ll have a faster heart rate that replenishes your body’s energy.


Author Bio:

Dr. Todd Luther works at Align Integrative Health in Washington. He comes from a family of health care practitioners including a medical doctor, OB Nurse and Nurse Midwife. Practicing since 2005, Dr. Luther is confident in providing the correct diagnosis, treating your problem or referring to the correct specialist.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ateevia Botanica PRIME Anti-Inflammatory Cream *Review*

A lot of my regular fans and readers know that I suffer from chronic Lyme Disease and I've had it for 9 years already (wow, I just realized my 9 year anniversary is in a week!). Before we were given the clinical diagnoses of Lyme nearly 5 years after I initially got sick, I was diagnosed with a plethora of different ailments, some of which are:

-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Postural Orthostatic Techycardia Syndrom
-Guillain Barre
-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrom
-Raynaud's Phenomenon 

That's just the tip of the proverbial illness ice berg, too!

What a lot of these ailments have in common is chronic pain. Shooting, stabbing, radiating, achy, crampy, burning...You name it, I've probably felt it, am feeling it, or will feel it in the future. The pain that's most common and is with me on a daily basis would be the joint, muscle and nerve pain; that deep ache that just never seems to go away and gets worse with things like food and weather changes.

This is why when I came across the opportunity to try Ateevia Botanica, an all natural pain-relieving cream that helps a multitude of different pain ailments, I jumped at the opportunity!

About Ateevia Botanica:

"Ateevia Botanica is a powerful biochemical storehouse of vital phytonutrients compelling in fighting inflammatory activity. Power-packed with essential anti-inflammatory nutrients, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, lignans (as well as oleic and linoleic acids), Ateevia uses Mother Nature’s own medicine to conquer inflammatory pain naturally and safely."

Recommended by physicians and physical therapists, not only is Ateevia Botanica an all natural product, but it's deeply penetrating, fast acting and most importantly, safe to use on many different pain-causing ailments like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, back pain, sports injuries, and many more!

Unlike many other people who have chronic pain issues and who are able to take medicines to keep them at bay, I unfortunately can't take ANYTHING due to severe sensitivities and major medical tolerances. Example: I might pop a few Vicodin and absolutely nothing happens.

This is exactly why I've given up (mostly anyway) on medical prescriptions and am leaning more towards natural therapies to help keep things under control. I'm always on the lookout for something new I can try that could possibly help, so I was definitely excited when approved for the Ateevia Botanica review!

I always make sure to check ingredients to make absolutely sure things are natural and that nothing is being snuck in under our noses, so I was very happy to see on the bottle itself that everything is on the up and up.

Reading the description of the product itself, I was curious to see what type of applicator I would end up being; some people can use a little bit of cream and it will last them awhile and some people need to constantly apply throughout the day to keep the pain at bay.

I'm pretty sure I was the latter of those two-while I noticed a slight difference in my pain level immediately after applications, as well as a neat warming sensation, there was never really a considerable difference and the pain would always return, which was expected. I have yet to see any sort of difference other then that, but I still enjoy the slight reduction in pain (every little bit counts, right?) and am holding hope I'll notice a greater difference after multiple applications!

While the Ateevia Botanica is known for it's natural properties, which I greatly appreciate, the one thing that really bothered me was its smell. It's not a horrible smell mind you, but being sensitive to many different scents I just couldn't get used to it.


Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Win It Wednesday(1/9)

Win It Wednesday is a day for showcasing, browsing, entering, and linking up contests-Have a contest that needs a little extra exposure? Feel free to link it up!

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DOUBLE NOTE:: You only have to submit your contest link ONCE because I manage the ongoing list myself, deleting contests as they expire.


Win a Rudi's Organic Bakery Prize Package!! 

January 18, 2013

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Win a Dwarf Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree from The Soothing Company!!

Ends January 20th, 2013

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Win 1 of 3 Pairs of Pairs of Lee Jeans or Any Item of your Choosing!! 

Ends January 22, 2013

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Have giveaways you want to advertise?

Link them below!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm a Pen Snob: BIC® 4-Color™ Pen *Review*

I must admit when it comes to my school and office supplies, I'm a little kid. Especially when I go down that particular isle in the store! You haven't seen anything until you've seen me squealing over fresh notebooks and drooling over some beautiful pens.

Speaking of pens, I'm definitely a pen snob. I LOVE my pens, however I'm very picky when it comes to which I use.

BIC is probably at the top of that preferred list of mine, so when given the opportunity to test out the BIC® 4-Color™ Pen I was pretty darn excited! Not only that but I was sent two pens-one to use for myself and one to gift to whomever I saw fit.

Since I get my pen snobbiness from my mom, I bet you can take a wild guess at who the second pen went to...

My Momma & I with our BIC Pens!

I wanted to wrap a little bow around the packaging before I gave it to her but wouldn't you know I couldn't find any ribbon! It was the day after Christmas too, so you'd think ribbon would be plentiful!

Anywho, mom got quite excited when she realized what this special pen was because she remembers having these pens when she was growing up.

More the BIC® 4-Color™ Pen:

"Make writing fun with BIC® 4-Color™ Pens. At the click of a button, you can choose from 4 colors (red, green, blue and black) to fit any mood you’re in and take on any writing task at hand! BIC® 4-Color™ Pen is four ink colors in one! With four ink choices, you can use it to write your seasonal shopping list, thank you notes, or to share your winter recipes with loved ones. It’s perfect for color-coding your lists or even your New Year’s Resolutions."

Once received, I was encouraged to start a project with my nifty 4 colored pen but it took me awhile to figure out what I actually wanted to do. I was drawing a HUGE blank there for awhile until my boyfriend gave me the perfect inspiration in the form of a very thoughtful gift: a 2013 Owl calendar.

I have a 'Thing' for a fresh, new calendar as well as Owls of any kind, so major brownie points go to the BF once again!

With my BIC® 4-Color™ Pen, I was able to go through each month in the calendar and use the different colors for different dates to remember; holidays like Halloween and Earth day, birthdays, anniversaries, memorable dates...

This pen is definitely designated as my 2013 calendar pen!

BIC has some great products but I really quite love the versatility of this pen in particular. I actually have one very similar to this one (also made by BIC) I received at least 3 years ago and it's still in use to this day!


Disclaimer: I received two BIC® 4-Color™ Pens courtesy of Smiley360.com, one for myself and one to gift, in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. 

First Snow of the Season

While it's been quite a while since the first real snowfall of the season here in Rockford, Illinois (a little before Christmas to be exact), but I made sure to get some pictures to share with everyone so you can see what my corner of the world looks like! 

While I wish I could have gone out and gotten some more artistic pictures, I had to make due with what I was able to do; at this point in time when we got the first snow, I was crawling to the front door to get these pictures. 

Regardless, I'm happy I was able to share them with everyone! 

Music Moves Me Monday(1/7)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 123rd week!

This meme is hosted by a group of seriously great people-Dolly of XmasDolly, Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida, Stacie of Stacie Uncorked, Callie of JAmericanSpice, and of course we can't forget Cathy of Cathy Kennedy's Blog!

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  Now that we're into a new year, we have a brand, spankin' new theme for this week's 4Ms...

Commercial jingles!  

This one I've chosen is a particular favorite of my family's-while it doesn't run anymore, the sing-song 'ice cream and cake and cake' is always sung whenever the topic of ice cream or cake comes about in the house. Hehe! 

Enjoy! :)

Ice Cream and Cake Song--Baskin Robbins

Have a musical week everyone! 

Mailbox Monday(1/7)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


I actually won something that I desperately needed--clothing!

Namely a beautiful Irish sweater courtesy of Jennie of Sweet Greens and Krimson Klover.

The one I was sent was the Celtic Bride Sweater in charcoal.


Aside from the sweater, I won a pretty neat prize from Jennifer of Mom Spotted a week or so ago which came in the mail this week.

A Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice prize pack containing 4 glass champagne flutes, a Welch's collectable box with a bottle of Sparkling juice inside, and 3 free product coupons for more juice!

This fun little package came and when opened, it was definitely a surprise since I didn't know it was going to show up!

A big thanks goes to a certain special game company who sent me the fun Scrabble Alphabet Soup game for the holidays ^.^

This little beauty was won from Leslie of Leslie Loves Veggies.

It's quite the innovative little product, too!

Dr. Sponge is an all natural bio-degradeable sponge that is chemical free and helps your body in different ways. I received the sponge that helps detox your body!

Another win courtesy of Terra at Heck of a Bunch!

Luck has been on my side when it comes to the giveaways she's held :)

This time, I won a Ivory Pashmina Shawl from Nimli.com.

For the third installment of the Shutterfly saga, I received the custom notebook that I put together for my handcrafted business.

I love the way it came out!

Now to just figure out what I'm going to use it for. 

What did YOU get in the mail this week?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Signazon.com Custom Business Car Magnet *Review & Giveaway*

When it comes to owning and running your own business, there are many good things about it and, of course, some not-so-good things. The freedom you achieve from owning your own business is probably one of the most exciting things there is! No boss telling you what to do, no set schedule to worry about and if you don't want to work a holiday, you don't have to.

The bad part of the deal is in order to succeed, you need to be your own...well, everything! Boss, accountant, social media manager, producer, salesman, and probably most important of them all: advertisement agent.

If you can't find ways to promote yourself, your products or services and your business as a whole, you're doomed from the start!

That's where companies like Signazon.com make things a whole lot easier!

About Signazon:

"Based in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA but serving the needs of customers nationwide, Signazon.com is your source for all types of custom signs. We use a highly-advanced e-commerce platform, fully-customizable, template-based designs and technologically-superior manufacturing processes to produce banners, car magnets, offset printing, oversized checks, window decals, vinyl lettering, yard signs and more."

From selling yard signs and outdoor signs to vinyl lettering for your car to even banners for every occasion you could think of, Signazon definitely has business needs as well as a wide range of personal needs covered!

For this particular review, I was able to customize myself some  Business Car Magnets. It took me a minute to decide what I wanted to do, but then I quickly decided on wanting to advertise my handcrafted jewelry business.

While there was a wide variety of different templates to choose from, I opted to design my own; I didn't have a file to upload so I ended up using their custom designer program.

Let me tell you, I've designed a few things in the past similar to these magnets and nothing compares to Signazon and their designer program. Nothing!

Not only was it very easy and straightforward to use, it was FUN to use with all it's different text, color and graphic options. No need to worry if you don't have your own picture-there's a whole archive of clip art at your disposal! I enjoyed the process of creating my magnet so much, it felt like the time just flew by and before I knew it, I was done with the finished product.

Click to Enlarge

The sheer impressiveness of this company and what they have to offer doesn't stop there ladies and gentleman.

Due to the background I chose to use, my original design would have turned out pretty pixilated, which I would have been completely clueless about if not for one of the employees contacting me directly before the magnet went to print and letting me know.

After a little trial and error, said employee actually SENT me a graphic option to use, strikingly similar to the one I was set to originally use, too.

Now THAT is what I call going above and beyond for your customers!

Amongst everything else, Signazon also sent me easy to use email instructions on what to expect from my magnets when they arrive, how to use them, and other handy tips along with the order receipt.

Now for the magnets themselves.

All I can say is WOW! I set eyes on these beauties and was immediately in awe of the quality. The crispness and sharpness of the images I personally added alone are enough to make a person stop and look, so can you imagine the magnet as a whole?!

Click to Enlarge

My boyfriend was kind enough to put these beauties on his car and advertise for me; I swear that kid makes me love him more and more each day!

But I digress.

Overall, Signazon.com is a website and company I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone I come across! I had such an immensely positive experience with them, their website, and their amazing products that I can't wait to come back for future advertisement needs!


1 winner will receive the same set of 2 customized car magnet package (designed by the winner of course) that I did! 

{The Rules}

1. You MUST use the name and email you want to be contacted with in the Rafflecopter.

2. Contest will run from Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 to Thursday, January 24th, 2013.

3. Open to US residents only, 18 years or older--Sorry everyone else!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's 2 mandatory entries + 51 possible extra entries which = 53 entries total!
Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received 2 customized business car magnets from Signazon.com in exchange for this honest review. All opinions expressed in the above post are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years or older and will run from Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 12:00 pm central standard time until Thursday, January 24th, 2013 11:01 pm central standard time. The winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter.com and be contacted within 24 hours of the drawing. You'll then have 48 hours (2 days) to claim your prize and send me all applicable information-If I haven't heard from you within that time frame, I will be forced to choose another winner.