Thursday, December 13, 2012

Special Interview with Alana Fairchild

If you caught My Review of the newly released (and gorgeous) Kuan Yin oracle from Blue Angel Publishing yesterday, you know today its author has graciously taken the time to give Eclectic Element readers an exclusive interview!

Give a warm welcome to Alana Fairchild!


1. Please share a little background about yourself and your gifts.

As a little girl, I always loved Lucy from the cartoon "Peanuts". She had a stall set up where she dispensed advice to her friends. There was something about her boldness in setting up her little counseling corner and her forthright truth-speaking that really appealed to me! I imagine I am far gentler than she in delivery of guidance, but she certainly made an impact on my childhood mind! Apart from that I grew up in love with Gaia, with trees, the earth, and Higher Guidance. I have always had a strong conscious connection to the invisible worlds, which are very real to me.  A lot of my work is about helping others to trust in their own connection to the many spiritual worlds that love and assist us on a daily basis.

2. How did you get involved with Blue Angel Publishing?

It was a funny set of circumstances actually. An unofficial mentor of mine, who runs a successful metaphysical bookstore in Sydney, was stocking some meditation CDs that I recorded and self-published back in 2002. I was in the store one day and mentioned casually that I thought it was time I found myself a publisher. Unknown to me, she sent my work off to two different publishing and distribution houses. The distributors approached me and said they wanted to sign but there were delays with the paperwork being signed, in which time Blue Angel approached me, signed me up straight away and virtually the moment after I had 'signed the dotted line' with them, the distribution house finally got back to me, but it was too late at that stage. I believe this was divine synchronicity and I was meant to work with Blue Angel, as they have been absolutely amazing to work with. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do so. And the distribution house now works with me through them too. So it all worked out perfectly in the end (as it always does!).

3. What inspired you to want to create your first oracle deck?

Another funny set of circumstances actually. I had loved Kuan Yin and the work of the artist that was used in the Oracle deck, but I didn't know who he was. I had been passionate about producing oracle decks for years but the situation just hadn't come together yet. Then one day I sent an email newsletter, as I do once a month or so, and I used one of the artworks of Kuan Yin in it. My publisher read the newsletter and noticed the art. He said it was then that it really clicked for him that he wanted me to write this oracle deck on Kuan Yin. He emailed me and asked me if I wanted to do it and I leapt at the chance.  When he sent me the artwork that we would be using, I just laughed. It was the artwork that I had all over my healing room and had used in my newsletter without even knowing it was all from the same artist. Finally my dream to write an oracle deck had come AND I got to use this beautiful art that I loved. I felt like the Universe had finally let me in on a nice joke it had been planning for years.

4. Why Kuan Yin? Is this deity particularly special to you? 

I absolutely love that her first blessing was towards her father, even though he been a source of some considerable suffering in her life. It shows that her love is unconditional and not attached to ego at all. To feel her energy in my healing work has always been an extraordinary grace, it is like a silvery liquid divine light pouring through me into the space. The power in her gentleness has always appealed to me too. I think I personally relate to her mixture of gentleness and rebelliousness and her compassionate desire that all beings be spiritually enlightened. Her dedication to the freedom of all is something that I relate to and respect. I also feel that she has guided me, and many others (those who are really drawn to the deck are her beloveds) for years on my path, if not lifetimes.

There is a bit of a story about how the Divine Lotus Mother Meditation CD (also dedicated to Kuan Yin and published by Blue Angel) came into being as well. It was not long after I agreed to do the oracle deck and I was walking around my local shopping precinct and there was this beautiful Chinese music played by a busker in the outdoor mall area. It just filtered through me and I felt inspired about a meditation CD to accompany the oracle. My publisher liked the idea and contacted the busker to see if he was interested in writing the music for the CD. Turns out he was playing music that he didn't own the rights to and he couldn't help! So my publisher said to me, "well, why don't you write the music?". I had written the music for the last three meditation CDs he had published by me, so I agreed to give it a go. Then I remembered a piece of music that I had channeled rather than written, nearly ten years ago. It was just sitting on a piece of paper in my den, near the piano. I fished it out and played it. It seemed perfect! That is what we ended up using for the CD. Whenever I hear it, I feel her flow through me and my voice when I sing in it. That is why I have just two meditations on that CD and one piece of music just on its own, because to me, it calls in her spirit and brings people comfort. I have had clients just burst into tears when that music plays. It is like they feel Her in their hearts.

5. How long was the process of creating the deck as a whole from imagining to publication?

I actually create things very quickly. I can percolate for a long time, but when something comes together, it's fast. My publisher has joked many times that he suspects I must be on some sort of creative steroids! I wrote it in about a month, which is actually pretty fast for a forty-four card guidebook. Channelling for me tends to happen quickly though. It's not always easy as it takes me into high altered states and I do have to rest afterwards at times, and at other times I am so high and filled with energy. It's certainly an intriguing process! In terms of the first idea all the way through to publication, it was probably about six to nine months or thereabouts.

6. Did you work closely with the artist of the set, Zeng Hao?

The publisher worked with Zeng Hao, I was just blessed to work with his art, which I think shows a genuine devotional connection to Kuan Yin. I felt like we both loved her right from the start.

7. Are you currently working on any projects? Anything in the works for the future?

Yes! Lots!  We have just finished filming something quite special. It's a Kuan Yin Visual Meditation DVD. It features music from the meditation CD and is shot in the gorgeous Chinese Gardens in Sydney at Darling Harbour. It features healing ritual and guided meditation to connect with Kuan Yin. You can learn more about Kuan Yin and her history and spirituality, and then rest as you watch the meditation. It's like visual zen! Perfect when you need to feel calm and centred, if you have something stressful coming up in your life or are recovering from a difficult challenge. It will be released by Blue Angel soon. 

Also the next oracle deck is the Isis Oracle which will be released this month! It involved a whole other story and completely different energy, but just as divine to create. It's all about coming into your power. I loved creating it!

I am also working on new meditation CDs, and pulling together artwork for some exciting and unusual new oracle decks, as well as some more goddess-themed oracle decks and a new book series based on crystals! All of this is through Blue Angel. It will be a very abundantly creative year ahead. 

8. What advice can you give to people who wish to cultivate their intuitive selves?

It's already there within you. It's often about creating new habits to trust yourself. We are all learning to surrender into our divine genius more deeply every day. We have more power and ability than we have any conscious notion of, and it's worth the effort to develop it. Classes can help. I run a school where I teach and support others who teach as well. It's called The Shakti Temple (you can find it on Facebook, where you can find my professional page with regular guidance too and finding a group that you resonate with is a great way to boost your journey. Group consciousness can pull us down sometimes but it also has the capacity to lift us up if we find the right group vibration. More than anything however, it all starts with trust.



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Her story is so very inspirational, thank you so much for sharing it.