Friday, December 14, 2012

Decorating for the Holidays

Christmas and the holidays are upon us and as I spend some time hopping from blog to blog reading different people's seasonal inspired posts, I notice a trend: Decoration Posts. 

Everyone is proud to show off their seasonal decorations and what they've done to bring the holiday spirit into their home and quite honestly, I don't blame them! 

The holidays are about spending time with family and friends, eating and baking delicious foods and treats, celebrating annual traditions and, of course, decorating. 

So in the spirit of the the season, I've jumped on the decorating bandwagon and thought I'd share a few decorations my mom and I have put up so far...


Poinsettias-beautiful but poisonous to animals so beware!

Some of my mom's Santa Claus collection

Christmas Tree ^.^

Click to Enlarge

Sparkly ornaments to add a little bling

Some of my favorite ornaments on the tree!

Who can forget the mantle where the stockings are held with care?!

If you've created a post or have pictures of your decorations to share, leave me a comment below! 

I'd love to see them ^.^


Terra Heck said...

The decorations are lovely. I really like the camo Santa. I had no idea poinsettas are poisonous to pets. Good to know!

Lucy said...

Becca sent me your way and I am loving your decorations. I love Poinsettias, I need to get some for my huse.

Unknown said...

I love poinsettias, I need to get some! And thank you for showing off the cupcake I sent you!!

Rebecca said...

beautiful decorations