Monday, December 31, 2012

13 To-Do's in 2013

1. Practice yoga regularly-I've always been interested in exercising, yoga in particular, but I've never sat down actually created a practice and DONE it. 

2. Go camping-Can you believe I've never been camping before? I've done the cabin thing, but never the dirt-ground-sleeping-in-a-tent-fishing-for-food-peeing-in-the-woods thing.

3. Sit in the sunshine more-Due to my up and down health, it's become a habit to stay inside all day, most days and that's not good! People need their sunshine for vitamin D as well as to elevate their moods.

4. Discover reading again-This past year, I've been so busy (or so my mind wants me to think) with blogs, businesses, health, friends and family, reading and discovering new books has gone by the wayside. I miss it.

5. Try out modeling for fun-I just discovered a local Rockford group called Monster Dolls that specializes in real woman modeling pin up style. Can you say Must. Do!

6. Learn a language-I've tried several times in the past to learn a different language because I truly just love them! That and I'd love to travel one day so it would definitely come in handy. I'm thinking French.

7. Visit my sister away at college-Even though she's been at her school for the past two semesters, I have yet to visit her. Every time I have the opportunity, I'm always sick or not up for the 4 hour car ride.

8. Continue working on my health-Pretty self explanatory. I'm halfway decent at eating right and I'm working on my self discipline (I can't do everything at once, or so says my boyfriend), but things could always be better!

9. Do more for other people-I love helping other people and I do my best to help those who need it, but I feel I can do more! Whether it be a simple pay-it-forward action, helping my mom with housework, or even going out and volunteering when my health permits, I'd love to up my helping game.

10. Take a trip with my boyfriend-We've only been on one trip in the almost 2 1/2 years we've been dating and absolutely amazing as that trip was, it was just a day trip. I want to go somewhere at least an hour or two away and spend a minimum of a day or two.

11. Go hunting again-I used to go all the time with my dad and sister when I was younger; all sorts of different game animals, too! I miss it! Not only is that bonding time with my dad, but I'm helping bring back healthy food for my family.

12. Focus more on my business(es)-I did really good in 2012 with my vintage Etsy store, but not so much with my handcrafted store. I want to give both of them my attention equally and hopefully have more time, health permitting, to make my handcrafted jewelry. Who knows, maybe I'll even try to do a local craft fair?

13. Stay positive-You all know me as a very upbeat person, but I do have my struggles with depression, sadness and negative thinking and self talk. In order for me to become healthy again, that needs to stop! Or better yet, I need to work through those feelings better than I have been. 

This list was inspired by Cat of Food, Family & Finds

If you'd like to see her list check it out Here

And if you happen to create a list for yourself, make sure to come back and share ^.^


Liz Mays said...

You made me realize I'm probably inside too much too, although I was just on the trampoline with my daughter a couple days ago when she was here. ;) I want to spend more time reading too. It's so relaxing and satisfying!

Jules said...

I tried a 12 n 2012 last year & failed miserable. I'm using the same resolutions this year. Good Luck with yours.

SaundraM300 said...

We love to camp, but do yourself a favor and buy a cheap blow up mattress. Makes all the difference!

I also want to do more for others this year. 2013 is going to be Great!

Unknown said...

I like your list!! Betting on the trip one....I really hope you will do it!!! I like #13 as well!

Lo Christine said...

Great list!! I still need to work on mine:)

XmasDolly said...

I have one very important one I must do & that's to lose my 75lbs (although I would be happy 50). Love you list and I'll be your cheer on parade!!! I hope you do them all!!!

Terra Heck said...

You have a great list of goals for the new year. Hope you are able to accomplish them! I love camping. The modeling thing sounds like fun. My husband wants to start hunting this year. He just applied for his FOID card.

Alison said...

Good luck with all the to-dos! Yoga is amazing, you will love it.

Colette S said...

I love your list.
You are quite able to pull it all off!

here's to you beautiful!

Lucy said...

What an awesome list and wishing you all the best in 2013 :)

Dee said...

peeing in the woods type of it!! Great list, good luck and Happy New Year!!