Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & a Way to Help

As someone who's situated in Illinois and isn't located where most of the disasters strike, it breaks my heart to have to watch these natural disasters unfold through the news, online news sites, and people who are personally going through it before during and after the event.

And the fact I'm not able to do anything to help from where I'm located just shatters my heart even more because I ACHE to jump right in and lend a helping hand, leg, pinky toe and whatever else might be needed.

Forest fires and mudslides in the West, hurricane Katrina down South, Tsunamis in different parts of the world, and now the "Frankenstorm" Sandy which devastated the East coast...

For those of you who are in a similar situation and wish to help but can't really do much physically and financially, there are certain opportunities, one of which is provided by Aurorae Yoga.

Quoted from their Facebook Fanpage:

"Aurorae Yoga is going to donate $.50 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund for each new Facebook 'like' of our page we receive through Thanksgiving. Our Headquarters are located in New Jersey and in addition to losing power & feeling the affects, we are seeing first-hand the support & community people are showing to those devastated by the storm. Simple click "share" the post to your Timeline to help! Thank you so much!"

You heard the people! For every like, $0.50 cents will be donated. It doesn't seem like much but it definitely adds up, especially if their generous offer is shared throughout social media channels and networks by people like YOU.

So make sure to Like their Fanpage today and pass on the word!


Liz Mays said...

I like that people are doing this. I think it's nice because the money can be put to use in exactly the way it's most needed!

Colette S said...

This is very good. I'm sure every bit helps.

I also retweeted.

Rebecca said...

i donated it felt good

Rebecca said...

i donated it felt good

Terra Heck said...

That's a nice thing for the company to do and it's so easy that everyone should "like" their page to help out with relief efforts.

Unknown said...

Done! How nice of you!