Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Lonely Balloon & a Life Lesson

Sometimes, the universe realizes you need a little break from what you're doing. Whether it be you're too busy to 'stop and smell the roses' or whether you just think you're just too busy, sometimes the 'roses' end up coming to you, making you realize that you really need to embrace the beauty that's all around you in one way or another and enjoy the simple things, whatever they may be.

This happened to me the other way while sitting in my room on the computer emerged in my blogging world, entering contests, listing jewelry and all the other things I was adding to the mix.

The window was open and all of a sudden, something dark caught my attention out of the corner of my eye; low and behold, this was what was flying directly across my window...

Can you believe it? RIGHT across my window!

We have a neighborhood park close by and it looked like the balloon was actually going to land there because it was slowly drifting down to the earth as I was taking pictures--Too bad we didn't have a beautiful sunset to accent the balloon's decent, but I'll take what I can get ;)

This lonely, floating balloon made me realize that I really don't take the time to do anything to enjoy my day; I wake up feeling rushed and I feel like I NEED to blog, and list things and enter contests. The truth is, that's what leads to my major stress, anxiety and ultimately, burn out!

So, in honor of the lonely balloon that changed my line of thinking, here are a few things YOU can do, if like me, you think you're too busy to stop and enjoy life:

*Probably one of the most beneficial things you can do is go outside and indulge in nature. Take your shoes off and let your little piggies bask in the grass. Take a walk around the neighborhood and just drink everything in. Take a few deep breaths of fresh air to clear that mind of yours!

*Aside from nature, my second favorite thing to do as a short, restorative break is being creative. I enjoy making my jewelry, knitting (if I haven't forgotten that yet since I haven't done it in awhile), and coloring with crayons (reconnecting with my inner child yo), but whatever you enjoy doing, take the time to do it!

*I know many aren't exercise people like I am, but take my advice: exercise is probably the best mood enhancer you can get! Exercise releases endorphins, which is what gives people that 'happy' feeling after a really good workout. Exercise also works to clear your mind, so once you're done with your workout, your mind feels crystal clear.

All of these are great breaks from life, whether you really are a busy person always on the go or whether you just feel you're busier then you really are. In order to avoid that stressful, anxious feeling that ultimately leads to major burnout, you MUST learn to achieve balance!

Trust me, I'm still learning to take my own advice o.O


Colette S said...

Wow. I'd have loved to have seen that too! It's such a beautiful thing in ones day.

One day I'd like to experience riding in the balloon.

I agree with you on the steps to be alive.
I love being alive. I exercise, talk, dance, scream. do :)


Durante said...

You are so wise to see such a connection. It reminds me of when I took Scuba Diving lessons, and I realized that when you do something like that, you are forced to 'take it easy' running and being super fast paced under the water doesn't help get anywhere any faster. Running in circles in that balloon wouldn't change it's speed (lol, just how nervous the other passengers are.)

Stephanie said...

I really do need to take your advice! It too wake up with a huge list of things I just NEED to do. Sigh, it is troubling. What I need to do is let some of those things go and live in the moment. :) Thanks for the reminder.

Unknown said...

How cool is that balloon??? And excellent advice. If I might add to it, even just stretching, closing your eyes and recap for few minutes really make a big difference!

Unknown said...

How cool is that balloon??? And excellent advice. If I might add to it, even just stretching, closing your eyes and recap for few minutes really make a big difference!

teenybod said...

Wow! I love this! You really captured something that WE ALL need to embrace- life! :)

I had a similar experience:
Totally engrossed--visually fused--to my computer screen, when a slight movement from the picture window in front of me caught my eye. . . it was a wild turkey! No big deal to some, but they aren't usually around here, so he made my day. :)

Thank you for sharing! Really love this post! :D