Monday, October 15, 2012

Pathways: An Interactive Journey of Self Discovery *Review*

Some of you may not know this about me, but I'm a heavy believer in the metaphysical world. It fascinates me to no end; crystal healing, Angels, tarot and oracle readings, intuitive individuals...I even considered being Wiccan or Pagan awhile back because that's really the type of energy and spirituality I lean towards.

Like I tell people when they ask, I'm not a religious person, but I AM a spiritual one. 

Aside from dabbling in many things, I've been reading cards for years now; not on a regular basis like I'd like, but I'm definitely no stranger to tarot and oracle decks! So imagine my surprise (and utter delight) when I came across an opportunity to review a virtual oracle deck--Pathways: An Interactive Journey of Self Discovery

Here's a little more about Pathways:

"There are times when the need for answers is urgent. Having an objective perspective can make all the difference in how you feel in the moment. Pathways lets you get the answers any time you want-no appointment necessary! It's the next best thing to having a session with me, Diane Wing, because I wrote and designed the unique deck of 85 cards based on the essential elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit."

This program is a subscription service program, so you pay however much money for however many months you'd like access to the Pathways program. You can choose from 3 affordable (and easily renewable) options: 1 month at $12.99, 3 months at $34.95, and 1 year at $99.00.

For those who aren't familiar with tarot or oracle readings, you start out by asking a particular question, then choosing a spread that most fits the question you asked. In the program, there are 7 spreads to choose from which range from a short, one card spread all the way to an in depth, 9 card spread.

While I do enjoy asking a question from time to time, I feel it inhibits the reading, so I normally don't ask anything and just let the cards guide me!

I've never done a virtual card reading like this before so I really don't have any comparison basis, but I will admit that I'm quite impressed by everything Diane has put together! 

The 85 individual cards she designed and created herself are not only beautiful and powerful, they're so very informative! Every single card has 3 key words, which tell about the card, and two interpretations: the card's meaning and the card's meaning within your reading.

The program itself is very easy to use. From the get-go, you have an option of learning how to use Pathways or just diving right in. Everything throughout the whole reading is labeled accordingly so there's no confusion and even across the bottom, there are tabs to learn more about the individual cards, the information contained in each card, about Diane herself, etc.

My favorite part has to be the interactive journal that comes integrated into the program! You can record the question you asked, what spread you choose, the specific meaning with each individual card in the spread, and even write down your thoughts, opinions and feelings you had to save for a later date. Pretty neat if you ask me ^.^

If you're a visual learner and would like to see a video on how Pathways works from Diane herself,  you can view it HERE.

While I personally can't say I'd have the extra money to spend on this program, I think it's a neat experience to try out, if only for a month, for those people who do! You get to experience what a oracle reading is all about while learning about different metaphysical properties, getting some guidance to real-life questions and situations, and hopefully learning a little about yourself along the way!


This is part 1 in a 3 part series featuring Pathways and its talented creator, Diane Wing. Make sure to come back on Wednesday to learn more about Diane in our mini Q&A interview!

Disclaimer: I was provided a subscription to Pathways from Diane Wing in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. It is up to you as the consumer to do any applicable research yourself before deciding upon purchasing an individual service or product.

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so.....can you read the cards from me? I've always been fascinated by this stuff!