Monday, October 8, 2012

Natural Vitality Twitter Party 10/10

I'm a sucker for a good Twitter party! Now that I have a secret weapon (TweetGrid), I enjoy them a lot more than I used to and I can actually participate without losing my sanity with 9 million tabs open here, there and everywhere o.O

One thing you don't see too often is a party geared toward health (at least I haven't lately), which is why I'm so excited to share details about this upcoming Nature's Vitality twitter party with you!

Party Details

  • Host:  Ashley Koff, RD, celebrity dietitian and author of Mom Energy will be dishing out nutrition tips, recipes and more!
  • Date: October 10, 2012

Of course, what's a Twitter party without prizes? There will be plenty of prizes to be won; my favorite part: they're all NON-GMO! :)

If you're interested, head over HERE to check out more details and to RSVP so you can join in on the fun and win some sweet and healthy prizes!

1 comment:

Colette S said...

I"m all for non GMO! And a healthy party is good!