Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Moves Me Monday(10/22)

Welcome to Music Moves Me Monday 112th week!

This meme is hosted by a group of seriously great people-Dolly of XmasDolly, Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida, Stacie of Stacie Uncorked, Callie of JAmericanSpice, and of course we can't forget Cathy of Cathy Kennedy's Blog!

Also introducing this month's honorary co-conductor,  Rebecca from Everyday Life!

Here are the rules if you wanted to participate::

First step: Run over to You Tube, (or wherever), and lock and load! Get your pick for the theme of the week.

Second Step: Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" button::


Third step: SIGN THE LINKY - Dance (follow) your host/hostesses, and grab their buttons.

Final step: Start lookin' for a partner and boogie on down to her blog, and say hello, and tag (follow) her/him, and leave a nice comment. If you've been tagged (followed) be hip, and get on over there, and tag (follow) her back and leave a comment.


I've been chosen by the deity, yet again, as this week's Spotlight Dancer!
I've been blessed with this chance 3 times and I feel quite special and thankful each and every time :)

Spotlight Dancers

Now, onto musical business!

This week's theme, chosen by the last S.D. is: International Music! 

I ran across this song while watching the movie, Midnight in Paris. It'd definitely be one to jump right up and shake that booty to!  Plus you'd feel classy cause it's in French.

Enjoy ^.^

La Conga Blicoti--Josephine Baker

Have a musical week everyone! 


Stacy Uncorked said...

What a fun song choice! :) Congrats on your Spotlight Dance, Kayla! Have a great week! :)

I Can Only Imagine that Anything Could Happen so Live While We’re Young with Hunky Country Boys because Today Is Your Day

Rebecca said...

congrats on being in the spotlight and what a great song

XmasDolly said...

CONGRATS ON OUR SPOTLIGHT GIRLFRIEND! OOOO EVERYBODY CONGA... one, two, three, kick... one, two, three kick.. Okay your fault I'm doing the Conga all over the house. Let's go do the dishes, one, two, three KICK! WOO HOO! GREAT CHOICE THAT WAS TONS OF FUN! EVERYBODY CONGA CHA CHA CHA!!!!

XmasDolly said...

Hey girlfriend did ya forget your linky? Or is their a problem with it?? Can I help? If you don't want too that's okay, just making sure there's no problems. Thanks.

Danielle S said...

Congratulations Spotlighter! I loved your song.


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Perfect! I wish I had more people here and we would have been dancing the conga all over the furniture. lol

Congrats on the Spotlight!

~Naila Moon

Colette S said...

Aah the beautiful Josephine!

Love it!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Congrats on being in the spotlight! Great pick for our International theme. As always, can I get a break already, I'm dancing late this week. lol Oh well, thanks for the lovely, fun song choice!