Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candy Unjunked-UNREAL™ Candy *Review*

I absolutely love chocolate as much as the next woman (it's more of a chocolaty devotion really), but the unfortunate thing about that is I can't handle eating the candy bars that are on the market. Even if it's just a single bar, I pay for it later and it just ends up not being worth the couple of minutes it took to eat the darn thing!

Imagine my complete excitement when I start hearing whispers of a new line of candy that hit shelves just recently. One without all the added junk to it and that's just as reasonably priced as the other products out there. 

I give you UNREAL!

About UNREAL: 

"The American candy industry’s Goliath just met its David – and they are armed with chocolate candy treats. Not ordinary candy, of course.  That’s the point.  It’s UNREAL™ candy.  Candy with a conscience. A post-Halloween feud between Boston entrepreneur Michael Bronner and his now 15-year-old son Nicky fueled an unprecedented nationwide launch of a new mission driven food company called UNREAL™ Brands. With a simple idea brilliantly executed, UNREAL™ Brands has become a magnet for creative and entrepreneurial professionals.  With incredibly diverse backgrounds they are an eclectic mix you’d never find in any other company in the world.  But it works.  Why?  Because they’re drawn together by a common mission.  To challenge what we’ve come to accept in our food.  To change the way junk food is made."

Unjunking one's candy is no easy task-it took the company's founders 2 whole years, thousands of recipes and probably a whole lot of patience to perfect their first line of 5 different candies, which consist of UNREAL™ 41: Candy Coated Chocolates, UNREAL™ 54: Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts, UNREAL™ 5: Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar, UNREAL™ 8: Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar, and UNREAL™ 77: Peanut Butter Cups.

Yes, these all probably sound a wee bit familiar and from the graphic below, they may look a wee bit familiar as well, but what I can tell you that's NOT familiar is the fact that, unlike those other candies out there that taste good but are pure junk, these taste good and are UNjunked! 

No high fructose corn syrup. No hydrogenated oils. No artificial colors or flavors. No GMOs.
60% more protein and 250% more fiber on average per serving than the leading competing brands. 

I will admit ever since I heard about this candy being produced, I wanted to review it. When I was given the green light, you have NO idea how excited I was!

For this delicious review, I was lucky enough to be sent all 5 products from UNREAL's line of candies. 

As soon as I opened the box, I was fascinated by the futuristic and modern looking packaging; it really did look like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie! 

I wasn't quite sure where to start, so I went for the UNREAL™ 5: Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar first (the equivalent to a Milky Way bar).

I really couldn't help but compare this candy to the candy I've had in the past. Even though I haven't had some of the 'other' candy bars in awhile, I could tell the subtle differences right away, the first being the chocolate was a lot more flavorful instead of being overly sweet. Secondly, there were some coloration differences in the candies that used colors (candy coated chocolates & candy coated chocolates with peanuts). Instead of being blindingly bright, they coloring was more REAL; colors that you're more apt to find in the natural world.

After all was said and done (and eaten of course), the best part of the whole thing: I didn't have as sever a reaction as with the 'other' candy bars! I unfortunately do still have to watch my sugar intake and even though UNREAL candy has 30% less sugar than the leading candy bars, it doesn't matter in the scheme of my sensitive body.

Everything in moderation people! 

Aside from the taste of candy itself, I'm incredibly impressed by what goes IN to it; The dairy used comes from pasture raised cows in New Zealand and California without antibiotics or added hormones.  The organic palm kernel oil from a sustainable and organic plantation in Brazil.  Traceable cacao beans from farms in Ghana and Ecuador.  Natural colors are used instead of synthetic dyes, like red from beets and blue from purple cabbage....

If that isn't impressive, nothing is!


Disclaimer: I was provided samples of UNREAL candies from UNREAL to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. My opinions are strictly informative; please make sure to do your own research into a company and/or particular product before committing to purchasing.



XmasDolly said...

Extremely impressive I must say and what's more impressive is how informative your post is. You are so intricate in your writing, and explaining the product. I love the way you write. You should look into that, and this company really came to the right person to review their product that's for sure. I love the less sugar part. Great Post. I must pass this one around to inform other readers. Great job indeed!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, that is impressive! the goodness of the candy with the "real" junk!!! YUM