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An Interview with Diane Wing, Pathways Creator!

Earlier this week, I introduced you, dear fans and readers, to an interactive virtual oracle reading program; Pathways: An Interactive Journey of Self Discovery!

If you didn't happen to catch the post, make sure you head back to check it out so today's interview with Pathway's creator, Diane Wing, will make sense ;)

You can view it HERE.


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Q. Please share a little about yourself!  

I have a passion for books, trees, writing, music, movies, and learning.  I love sharing what I learn and feel so fortunate to be doing work that allows me to do so.  My favorite holiday is Halloween and feel autumn is the most magickal time of year.  Walking in the woods, especially as the leaves change, is wonderfully energizing.

Q. What is your prior experiences with tarot and oracle reading, both physical and virtual?   
I received my first tarot deck when I was 9 years old and began reading professionally in 1986.  I use many decks and have tried several tools for online readings.  Divination tools are varied and complex, allowing a lifetime of study.   To make it easier for folks to jump right in and get the answers they need, I have created tools such as Insight Stones and Pathways.
Q. Have you had a specific reading or card (regardless of whether it was a physical reading or a virtual one) that deeply touched or changed you? What was it and why?   
There have been many times when a reading gave me a fresh perspective and created an energetic shift.  I have certain decks and tools I use to get information for myself when I need insight, including Pathways.  I find that at times of uncertainty, pulling cards really helps me get centered and focused.
Q. What inspired you come up with the concept for the interactive software, Pathways? How long did it take to turn into a reality?
I developed Pathways as a way for folks to tap into the power of the elemental energies and develop their intuitive ability.  Additionally, there are many people who would like to get readings more often, but can’t afford to get frequent private readings. Pathways allows unlimited readings, 24/7 for one low price.  The writing and creation of the deck flowed and was completed in 6 months; the actual programming took several years before finding the right Flash programmer, who had the right skills and energy, to complete the project. 
Q. Oracle and tarot readings, along with a lot of metaphysical things are associated with intuition and intuitive people. What kind of advice would you give to someone who wouldn't consider themselves intuitive in any sort of way?  
Everyone has intuitive ability.  You may call it “going with your gut” or “having a feeling” or even, “I just knew…”  It comes through in different ways for different people.  I encourage folks to pay attention to that little voice in your head and trust it.  It feels different to get an intuitive message versus simply having a thought.  It’s more of a knowing.  There are many ways to develop your intuitive sense.  Pathways can assist people to enhance their natural ability.  Also, my book, The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment, and my class on intuitive development can assist those who wish to increase their talent in this area.
Q. The 85 individual cards in your deck are quite moving! What was your design process for a single, individual card?
I started by creating a grid of  elemental correspondences plus Spirit (can’t do much without a connection to Spirit ;-)) and then began creating each card.  It was important to associate the energy of the card with the image.  I also avoided using traditional card images so that experienced tarot readers and novices alike could have a unique experience.  The process for the Spirit card took the longest, because it was important to portray Spirit in a way that the majority of people could relate to the message of this card despite their personal belief system.
Q. Aside from Pathways, what other kinds of things do you offer in person and on your website? Are there any projects you're currently working on?
I offer transformational guidance through my books, readings, coaching sessions, and classes.  All of my work and offerings can be found on my websites – and  Join my community and receive my eBook “How to Release Your Inner Magick.”  There is a companion self-study course of the same name available on Daily Om (  I’m working on my latest book, The True Nature of Energy: Secrets of Energetic Consciousness.  It will help readers expand their awareness of the energies around them and to discover their own vibrational level with my quiz and vibrational scale.  Those on my list will get first notice of its release.  My other books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 



 This is part 2 in a 3 part series featuring Pathways and its talented creator, Diane Wing. Make sure to come back on Friday for a special giveaway!

I wanted to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Diane for taking the time to answer these questions for myself and The Eclectic Element fans and readers! 

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