Friday, September 21, 2012

Seasonal Transitions & My Hair

The changing of the seasons always signifies change in some way or another. Winter to Spring, the snow melts and everything starts to come alive. Spring to Summer, the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. Summer to Fall, the weather cools down (thank goodness in regards to this year) and the leaves start to change colors. And of course, Fall to Winter, the leaves all fall and the snow comes back to blanket the earth once more.

I started to think about this the other day and I realized, how come the seasons get to change but I don't? I haven't had much change at all in the past year due to my health and frankly, I'm growing bored with my life!

I know it's not jet-setting on a vacation somewhere or making a major life decision, but I decided I needed something for myself. I got a haircut.

This was my inspiration straight from Google images:


Now, when I refer to a haircut, I don't mean a trim and style; I got a hairCUT!

I enjoy the concept of long hair; the femininity correlated with it and the look of it overall. I love it on other people but I hate it on myself. Long hair starts to get annoying after awhile, at least for me. It gets in my face, it gets harder to manage and, being the non-girly girl I am, I never DO anything with it.

When I went into my stylist, she initially was shocked at how long my hair was since the last time she cut it! When I told her what I had in mind and the fact I wanted it all cut off, she squealed and said, "This is going to be fun!"

Just to be clear on how much hair I actually had, here's a comparison to the pile on the floor once I was done to a regular sized magazine....

That's a lot of hair! 

All in all, I big-puffy-heart LOVE my haircut-I'm planning on giving it a single blond streak in the front just to add dimension and be different.

Click to Enlarge

So, what do you plan on doing for YOURSELF in this time of change?


XmasDolly said...

Excuse me have you seen a sweet little girl that use to hang out here her name was Kayla?... You look like some woman I've never seen before. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME CD? DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!!!!!

XmasDolly said...

LOOK AT THAT i CAN'T EVEN TYPE ANYMORE.... MUCH LESS TYPE ENGLISH... WHOOSH YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY! You look wonderful sweetie! I'm a long haired person myself. If I cut my hair I think I'd cry for a week or by a wig. hahahaha I already where them. No really you look divine! How's does your man like it though - that is the question?

Jenine said...

Oh WOW! That cut looks really great on you. I'm so glad you like it. Personally, I could never do a cut like that. I just have a thing with being asymmetrical. Color streaks fine. Trendy cuts fine. But I could never do an asymmetrical look for myself. But on you it looks wonderful! :)

Rebecca said...

hoping to continue the weight loss efforts this season i have something for you on my blog
Come Say HI

Unknown said...

I was thinking myself about the season changing and how I wanted to do something with my self as well. Since I already cut A LOT of my hair I was thinking of coloring but doubt that I will follow through! Good news is that I got my birth control and my procedure done finally! that's a big change!

You look wonderful either with long of short hair, but I hear you about long hair getting annoying!

Crystal said...

I love it too Kayla..adorable yet sexy!!The blonde streak will rock, Congratulations on your awesome change!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

WOW... you look gorgeous!
I love you with long hair, too, but this looks really sophisticated and so grown up.
How does Jake like it?

Colette S said...

Girl you went all drastic on me! But I LOVE IT!
You are rocking it girl. But then again you are so beautiful, anything will fit you.

Did you donate to locks of love?

I think I"ll buy another wig or a blouse...we'll see. I never know what to get me and so end up never getting anything. Sad.