Monday, September 24, 2012

Revitin *Review & Coupon Code*

Lets face it, taking care of yourself in this day and age is hard to do! Not only does it require self discipline, a will to make the change and adequate knowledge to do so, but you have to look into and be wary of every little thing!

Aside from eating, the next biggest thing you have to be careful about are the things you use to take care of yourself; shampoos and conditioners,  makeup, facial washes, toothpastes, etc.

The toothpastes you normally reach for are riddled with things like fluoride, detergents, synthetic fragrances and colors, and of course the ingredients you can't pronounce. Like my mother says, 'If you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body!'

Thankfully, there are alternatives out there, one of which is Revitin!

About Revitin and their product:

"NuPath® Bioactives is a proprietary and patented, all-natural formulation of vitamins, trace minerals, and nutritional cofactors. It fosters a balanced oral biofilm that supports healthy teeth and gums. Contrary to the conventional approaches to unhealthy oral environments which use detergents and antimicrobials to clean and disinfect, NuPath® Bioactives respects and works with the natural ecology of the mouth, and the needs of the cells."

For this review, I was sent a bottle of their Revitin Oral Therapy Rejuvenating Gum & Teeth Care to try out. 

Initially, it was my dad who found this product and wanted to try it. I'm all for anything healthier, especially when it comes to toothpaste because I hate putting all that fluoride in my body, so I was pretty excited when I got the chance to do this review!

Let me tell you, I was pretty shocked when I first tried it! Unlike the harshness and burn of regular toothpastes, Revitin was absolutely and completely....pleasant.

Which is exactly the word my dad used when I asked him about brushing with it; "This toothpaste was very pleasant to use and I quite enjoy brushing my teeth with it."

Also, unlike other toothpastes, there was no foaming at the mouth with this product. Quite honestly, initially while brushing, I wondered if this stuff really does what it says it's supposed to do. There was that fleeting moment of skepticism until I actually FELT the clean and freshness during and long after I finished brushing.

Like anything revolving around the natural and holistic world, I truly appreciate what this product aims to do for its users; help keeps their mouths and gums healthy while keeping the nasty 'junk' out of their bodies. Bravo Revitin!


For my lucky readers, I've been given a special code: Use Revitin650 and get $2.00 off your order!

Disclaimer: I was provided a bottle of Revitin at no cost to me to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed in the above post are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Before purchasing, it is strongly advised to do your own research and make sure this product is right for you.


Rebecca said...

this stuff sounds awesome

XmasDolly said...

Thanks for the $2.00 off. Sounds like something to definitely try for I surely want to keep these teefers I gots! hehehe Thanks for the excellent information and sharing.

Unknown said...

Pricey but I'm intrigued! The harsh taste of toothpaste makes me gag since I was a kid and Gabriel is just the same!