Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mental Health Day(s)

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We interrupt your normally scheduled weekly and other blog posts for this announcement:


Lately I have a lot going on with my body, a lot going on with my jewelry making business(es), a lot going on with not one blog, but two-just a lot going on-and it's all catching up to me. Let's just say extreme amounts of fatigue, brain fog, and a busy schedule do not mix well at all. 

I feel like I'm drowning in everything I need to accomplish and my habit of making lists to sort things out isn't helping anymore! The lists have failed my OCD-tendency self *sobs*

It's getting to the point where I'm starting to stress myself out WAY too much, and that leads to anxiety attacks and it just gets ugly from there. 

Plus the fact that I'm completely lacking in any sort of inspiration for my blog posts these days doesn't help the situation either...

So, I'm giving myself a mental health day days!

Of course I'm not leaving you high and dry; have you entered the giveaways running on my blog? If not, now's your chance! 

Speaking of giveaways, I'm sorry I don't have my normal Win It Wednesday post up this week, but you can still link up any contests and giveaways you've got through my Ongoing Contest Linky!

For those of you who are interested in my jewelry business(es) and design, you can check out my other blog, TEE Jewelry--I've done some blogging lately so there are some things to read and look at!

Fret not my dear friends, I will not be gone forever! I have some posts I need to work on (reviews, giveaways, etc etc) and mail to catch up with, but I'll be back soon. Plus, I'm always not far, so I'll be here behind the scenes :)

Thank you for your understanding!


Krafty Max Originals said...

we will miss you while you are gone, but I completely understand and hope that you get the rest and that it revives you to FULL Energy!!!

Terra Heck said...

You need to take time out for YOU. Don't get overwhelmed and let it all stress you out. Everyone needs a mental break once in a while.

Rebecca said...

I will miss you but go do what you need to for yourself and come back refreshed and ready for the world.

vanita said...

i know how you feel sistah! go take care of you!

Jennifer S. said...

Holy moly-olie do I hear that, girlfriend! Go take some days off and recharge! You will come back refreshed! We will all be here when you get back. ;)

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Exactly how I feel. I wrote a post earlier explaining (that I have not published yet) since the new post I put up wasn't about "me" sharing for the Invisible Illness week. I just needed a break from thinking about everyone who suffers. And doing that last week right after writing a 3-post series about Phil..I am just empty emotionally and physically. So I understand so completely how you feel :))

Take some time. Everyone will be here whenever you blog again!
Love ya, chickie!
xo, misha

Durante said...

Like the song says, everybody needs a little time away. I hope you enjoy that time and make the most of it.

Unknown said...

Just now it downed on my that I wasn't following you other blog YET! All fixed. Mental break days are awesome, I hope you feel so much better now!

Colette S said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better now ?