Thursday, September 13, 2012

Health Update Thursday(9/13)

Do any of you know how hard it is to work on the computer, blog and even function with a 5 day-long headache/migraine? For those of you who do, my deepest and sincerest sympathies to you and your aching head!

It all started on Sunday when out of the nowhere (quite literally), I started to get a headache. I didn't think anything of it but it progressed into a full blown migraine in a matter of hours and let me tell you, I've only had a migraine this bad once before; It hurt to move my whole body let alone just my head and I was sick to my stomach for pretty much the whole day.

Monday came and, while I could move without it hurting too bad like Sunday, the headache/migraine still wasn't gone. That's when I started getting sensitive to everything--I have to continually wear sunglasses indoors because any sort of light hurts my eyes and my hearing feels like it was turned up full max.

I even have to take care typing this right now because it feels like it's so LOUD in my head and my headache is not appreciative.

I can't really definitively say or even guess what might be causing it, cause like everything else, it could be a multitude of different things:

-Food or diet
-Environmental factors
-The supplements and things I'm taking
-Halfway through my cycle

Another thing I'm noticing is that one day I'll be starving all day, not being able to eat enough food to get full and the next day I won't be hungry at all and barely eat a thing. I know this is not good for my body and I, but I'm not quite sure how to regulate it!

Other than those things, I'm hangin' in there. Still need to get to exercising, but with my head being as bad as it is, I think we'll wait a little while until I'm doing at least a little better.

I'm still mobile, but my walker and I are best friends these days; at least I'm upright and not crawling on the floor, right?

Hopefully this darn headache/migraine will leave me alone so I can start getting some work done around here! I have a ton (okay, a ton for me) of reviews and giveaways to get done and I don't take kindly to being sidelined!

How is your week going?


great service said...

I've only had a headaches this bad once before; It harm to shift my whole system let alone just my go and I was tired to my abdomen for fairly much the whole day.

BethElderton said...

I'm so sorry to read about this! My grandmother suffered what she called "sick headaches" for years. We all wondered later--after we knew about how food additives affect kids--whether something like that may have affected her.
Try to take care.

XmasDolly said...

My poor honey after all you're going through you still ask about others! You are such a sweet person & certainly do not deserve any of this crap that's happening to you. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. I always pray for you, and as far as the migraines everyone has their own remedy and I'm sure you've heard them all so I'll save you from mine. When I use to get migraines though I chose to sleep. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep until it was gone oh yes and dark. Soft hugs & feel better soon.

Unknown said...

oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear that, no fun at all. About the eating/starving thing...I get that too around my period, I honestly think it's pure hormonal :(