Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Back Into Blogging-The Meaning of Fall

Since the first day of Fall has come and gone (September 22nd), it's time to really think Fall things; cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, colorful leaves, and the SITS Girl's Fall Back into Blogging Event

For the next 5 days, come back to see what the Fall theme of the day is--If you're a blogger, you can even play along and win some nifty prizes. 

Today's theme: What Fall means to me


I'm supposed to share with you either a picture of what Fall looks like here in my neck of the woods (Northern Illinois) or a picture that signifies Fall for me, personally.

I know EXACTLY what I'm going to share! 

Mmmmmmm :)

These beautiful, delicious looking donuts are apple cider donuts from Edwards Apple Orchard, our seasonal go-to apple orchard. 

As soon as hints of Fall are in the air, everyone in the family starts craving these bad boys ^.^

What does Fall mean to YOU?


Rebecca said...

dang it now i want a donut and cocoa there goes my workout..lol

Durante said...

Those look incredible! I still need to figure out how to make donuts, I should do it soon; I think the kids would appreciate it if I did. Those look great!

Fall to me is a smell of falling leaves, the glow of a hundred different colors, and the crisp breath of life that comes in the mornings with a hint of winter around the corner.

Stacey Gibbon said...

saw you on the SITS blog challenge. As soon as I saw the donut picture, I had to click on it. Those look delicious. Now you got me hungry ;)


Anonymous said...

My husband loves, loves, loves donuts. I am stopping by from SITS.

Barbara said...

those look yummy! I don't think that I've ever had apple cider donuts before!

The Italian Mama said...

Stopping by from Sits...and now I want a doughnut...great :) They look delicious though!

Unknown said...

Apple cider and pumpkin spice......YUM