Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Back Into Blogging--Favorites of Fall

Since the first day of Fall has come and gone (September 22nd), it's time to really think Fall things; cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, colorful leaves, and the SITS Girl's Fall Back into Blogging Event

For the next 5 days, come back to see what the Fall theme of the day is--If you're a blogger, you can even play along and win some nifty prizes. 

Today's theme: Favorite Fall memory or what you look forward to


Like my post detailed yesterday, when Fall is in the air my family and I are most excited to hit up our local apple orchard to which we have been going to since before I was born!

It's most definitely a family tradition for all of us to go on Labor Day weekend when it first opens and at least a half dozen more times until it closes in November.

We love, love, LOVE their apple cider donuts, shopping in their lovely converted barn gift shop, looking at the animals in the petting zoo on the warmer days, sampling the apples they have to offer from their extensive orchards...

There's just so much to love about this place!


XmasDolly said...

hahaha I gotta get a copy of that picture! You lil' turkey you! hahahahaha Great!!!! You certainly made my day! haha

Hilary said...

That looks like an awesome place to visit.

Unknown said...

You got me at donuts......