Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Back Into Blogging--Craft & Recipe

Since the first day of Fall has come and gone (September 22nd), it's time to really think Fall things; cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, colorful leaves, and the SITS Girl's Fall Back into Blogging Event

For the next 5 days, come back to see what the Fall theme of the day is--If you're a blogger, you can even play along and win some nifty prizes. 

Today's theme: Autumn craft or recipe


 I've only attempted this recipe once when I was feeling quite ambitious and had some pie pumpkins I didn't want to go to waste lying around--The whole process (2 whole days) I kept thinking, 'This is going to be one big epic FAIL.'

It ended up turning out and more importantly, being quite delicious!

{Image Credit}
Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

 I would post the recipe itself, but alas, it's not my own and I'm not exactly sure if I'd have the support of the author, so I'll just redirect you to the recipe. 

CLICK HERE to go to deliciousness! 

 Recipe courtesy of Rebecca Wood of

By the way, that picture is obviously not mine-I went to find the picture of my pie and it was gone from Blogger!


Dee said...

Thanks for introducing me to SITS GIRLS I check out the blog quickly this morning but will be reading more this week...reads like it's a very interesting site chuck full of information. Hope all is well.

Liz Mays said...

Now you have me craving me pumpkin pie!

Hilary said...

That looks delicious!

Unknown said...

We are not pumpkin pie fans but last year I found a pumpkin chiffon pie recipe that we all just adore! Over here from SITS!

Unknown said...

it's that time of the year.....YUM