Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Back Into Blogging-Best School Memory

Since the first day of Fall has come and gone (September 22nd), it's time to really think Fall things; cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, colorful leaves, and the SITS Girl's Fall Back into Blogging Event

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Today's theme: Best School Memory


I unfortunately don't remember a lot of my early school years and we'll just say high school wasn't the best four years of my life, but the memory I'm going to share comes after both of those when I was first starting out in college.

I have some fond memories of the short period (or periodS I should say) I was in college, however one of them stands out more so than the rest; probably because I STILL can't believe it happened!

It was when I was taking an Introduction to Biology class and I was sitting next to one of the friends I had made in the class. In the previous class two days before, we had taken one of the bigger unit tests and I wasn't sure whether I did good or bad.

I was pretty sure I didn't completely bomb the thing, but I wasn't holding my breath on acing it either. As the tests were being handed back, the teacher told us all there was one perfect score floating around and a pretty good success rate. Of course he followed that up with the fact that there was one F floating around as well (bum-bum-buuuuum)....

My test was handed back to me and all I could think before I saw the score was 'please don't let me have the F.' Apparently, I had nothing to worry about:

I remember seeing that number at the top of my page and feeling my jaw completely drop wide open! My friend sitting next to me said I turned beet red, so she apparently jumped to the conclusion that I was the one who had failed.

That's friendship for ya I suppose ;)

(juuust kidding)

I honestly don't think I've ever gotten a perfect score on a big test like this one. I guess it's one of those things that happens to every person at least once (or so my sister told me; it's happened to her once or twice before, too).

If you're interested in reading the original post detailing my two classes, you can go HERE.


Stephanie said...

Well that is an amazing memory to have!! PS Congrats:)

Unknown said...

Wow! I may have had a perfect test... but I can't remember it. Good job! (fabulous memory!)

Aaaaaand thanks for visiting me! :)

Rebecca said...

what a great memory and congrats on the awesome grade

Anonymous said...

Grade C in Biology was outstanding for me. A perfect score? Whew! Good job...your

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! I never got 100% on a bio test! My brain wasn't inclined that way. Spelling and grammar tests were a breeze, though.

Lauren said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing and great job on that test!

Kristyn said...

Now THAT is awesome!! It always feels good to make such an amazing grade, particularly after you've thought you failed it!

Thanks for stopping by to see me at my blog this morning!

Joyness Sparkles said...

What a great memory to have!!!

***Stopping by from SITS. :)

Unknown said...

Very nice! I do still have my paper when I got the perfect score....but no matter what, you can't forget those personal triumphs!