Thursday, August 30, 2012

Health Update Thursday(8/30)

We're doing something right! I think...

I know it's been awhile since the last update, however I have good reasons. I've been taking my 15+ things I need to take daily (mostly from my medical intuitive, some from my doctor) religiously and after a good week of taking everything, I started to herx.

In the Lymie world, it's known as a herxheimer reaction (you gotta get worse before you get better kind of deal), however whatever you wish to refer to it as, the most basic explaination I can give is I was killing off things too fast and I was overly toxic.

I had a couple of REALLY bad days because of it-shut in a dark room (thank goodness for those black out blinds I won awhile back) with a nasty 3-day migraine, pain in every crevice of my body, flu-like symptoms, etc.

After the third day, we decided to back off everything I was taking and work on detoxing. By the next day, I popped up like you wouldn't believe! I was seriously go-go-going; doing laundry I hadn't done in 3 months (note to self, don't EVER leave laundry for 3 months again), washing bedding, cooking and cleaning...

I had 2 good days, started back on everything again and now I'm back down. The good news is I had 2 good days, so I know they're not impossible to attain!

As of now, I'm still taking everything but if I get to the point of being really bad again, I'll probably stop and take a break. I'm able to do the footbath at least a couple times a day, so that's at least getting some of those nasty toxins out. The birth control I'm on seems to be doing wonders for my period and may I just say, if I ever find the person who created the pill, I will give them a big ol' wet kiss!

Fatigue seems to be an issue as of late, but that's to be expected; just gotta pus on through it.

I've been contemplating on putting myself on a 'diet' of fruits, vegetables, and protein. Just the bare basic so I'm not inadvertently adding to the toxic overload by what I put into my body. It seems to be looking like a very good possibility, so hopefully that will help, too!

All in all, things are going okay. Not absolutely wonderful, but nothing too terrible-I have a renewed hope after those 2 good days. I WANT MORE! :)

Thanks for sticking with me! I know I'm way behind on blogging and my emails due to everything, but I'm doing my best to get caught up.


Krafty Max Originals said...

I am so glad you got those 2 days, and I just know you'll get some more soon!!!

Rebecca said...

so happy you got two good days I hope things start to work out and you get many more xoxo

Jenine said...

Kayla, I recently watched and thought of you when I had read some of the comments about the juicing. There was a lady that had lyme disease and she said her symptoms pretty much disappeared when she did the juicing. I can't remember if she did a juice fast or if she added juicing to her diet. Just thought I'd mention it to you to see if a radical dietary change might help in your case. All the best and I'm glad you have a couple of good days!

Anonymous said...

I think about you often and hope that you see many more fab days ahead!

Unknown said...

Good to hear about the 2 good days!! Hope you will have many many more!!!