Monday, August 20, 2012

Groupon's Epic WIN

Show of hands, how many of you remember the show from the 90's, Legends of the Hidden Temple? You know, the game show for kids with teams of two like the Purple Parrots, the Silver Snakes, and the Red Jaguars? 

You had 4 rounds to compete through; the moat, the steps of knowledge, the temple games and finally, the two teams left standing had to compete in the temple run. 

I miss good quality shows like that! I'm definitely a sucker for the old school, so imagine my excitement when Groupon completely made my day yesterday!

"Dating can be like assembling the silver monkey in Legends of the Hidden Temple, a challenge requiring wit, luck, and passing knowledge of primate anatomy."

All I can say is thank you Groupon for making my day THAT much better ^.^ Not only did you reference Legends of the Hidden Temple, but you correlated it with speed dating. 

Kudos. To. You.

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